some pieces of life ~

good luck my way, translated randomly XD

still, this dream is not over
i wonder what could be waiting down this road
surely, surely there is an answer
just can not give up, just can not stand still

but, after pulling your hair back, just a little
i want to be next to the soft smiling face
rushing out straight ahead, the clear blue sky is dazzling

im stirred up of the favor of the wind
a new journey is starting right now

we will be able to meet again one day
heading to the direction of tomorrow, without looking back
good luck my way, to the path that i believe ~

running this way, that way, galloping in circle
it seems i have to drive and beat it hard or the answer wont appear

surely, no regrets
i will continue to advance
so that i will be able to meet your smile

there is nothing left to be fear of, no matter what the future brings
since it got dark, i wonder how far i can go 

in the corner of the ever changing world
im happy i could meet you
i could not put into words the overwhelming feelings
when we meet again one day, i wish this feeling will be better get through you
good luck my way, smile at me ~

we will be able to meet again one day
heading to the direction of tomorrow, without looking back
good luck my way, smile ~

in the corner of the ever changing world
im happy i could meet you
i could not put into words the overwhelming feelings
when we meet again one day, i wish this feeling will be better get through you
crossing over the distant rainbow
good luck my way, to the path i believe ~

the music sounds good to me, then i try write down the english lyric, wish it would not be so hard to be understand ~


the fall and the 5th semester

Hi ! Folks !

im back again
currently i also separated with my camera so i can not make any photos . .

in less than 24hours i will start the third year of my study at the uni

im checking my list that i made by the end of the second year..
unfortunately i dismiss 2 things in the end
also by the starting of this semester i failed to take a seat into another favourited class D:
it makes me lose a mood a bit
wish it could be fixed next year, this year also the first time for me, queueing by a academic counter just to check, is my name safe or not -w-

from here on, i convinced that this year would be tighter and more busy than usual
by this term i started to construct the foundation of my thesis (wish it go so well)
well maybe it sounds kind of too early but at this term i got the class for writing method,
it is better to give a try before i forget the methods instead XD

by this year i surprised also at the same time, i am located with my partner in crime, my previous chairmate on the first year
the lecturer noticed, i know that we considered as a mess in a class, the we got seperated

still this year im in a progress of some thankyou projects and a fine arts exhebition co-producing (i guess so)
and some another project will fill my schedule >w< wish me luck

summer is over and here comes the autumn yay :3

packed up, the first half of the third year shall begin ~

happy birthday me

hi folks 

few weeks ago i got my birthday
when it comes to birthday i think it much better to get home
my birthday was also the first day of erasmus summerclass this year

im just turned 20, i feel not young anymore already hahaha
i already had a niece named Abbey
having a niece feels like having a daughter maybe hehehe

by the class those two docent sing me a nederlands happy birthday song
at the same time, for once again they asked " it is no joking right ? "
it was just my brother when im arrived home
my sister still oveseas for her programme
the next morning she called through skype

nothing special this year i guess, made my own cake ~
 for my birthday i got several little gifts i will post the photo soon hehe :3


ngabuburit time

we know that the fasting season has already over hehehe

when i could take a little break i decided to cycling around
what comes to my mind was just cycling around the neighborhood
but out of sudden i took it a little further away i guess hehehe

little help from holland

lately i got so exhausted with al work things even though it was a long break
everyday i can not rest my hands and also my body
thankfuly came packs of chocolate from my cousin Jennifer
thank you :3

at the same time im in love with pralines :9


pop -w- photo

yup ~ kedua foto ini diambil sambil mengemudi sepdea motor dalam keadaa kecepatan lumayan tinggi
beberapa kali mencoba motret kebanyakan dapetnya blur hahaha

selama liburan ini hampir sama sekali tidak menapakkan kaik ke kampus, kebetulan kali ini memenuhi permintaan teman yang bajunya ketinggalan di rumah -w-

untuk foto yang di bawah, yang muncul di imajinasi gw adalah :
moving club, dark room, DJ, bar and loud music 
padahal cuma bisa antar kota biasa XD silly me


stolen kitchen

XD why i called it a stolen kitchen ?
actually at the uni plenty of my friends call my name with panda
it was a buka puasa ocassion with the Dutch Studies 2010
it was a new restaurant that opened also at a new mall in jakarta ~

een bezoek

:3 sedikit mungkin gw akan berbicara melalui gambar
ceritanya pendek tapi gambarnya banyak hehehe

random thing in ramadhan

hi folks :3 hi blog

as you know im having my annual break from the university ~
this month, august especially the ramadhan week i got some random experience =w=

i begin with what happened to me early this morning
i admit that i sleep pretty much in my free time, i cant get a good night sleep during projects, asignments or some other jobs -w-
this morning i suddenly pushed away from my sleep and cant get back to sleep, i dont even know the reaon behind this thing.
sleep is a good entertainment for me, but not this time *sigh*

second, a few hours later i decided to take a stroll and withdraw some money
my house is located pretty far from a hospital, but this morning i just want to enjoy the less traffic jakarta street hehehe
it was an good hospital in my opininon located in Bintaro, just 20 of driving normally
there is also the ATM, it is my first time to visit the hospital, once again after the building renovated
i asked a patient, he told me that the ATM centre located near the Emergency Unit Room
after i withdraw some money, while i walked outside, through the parking lot, suddenly somebody called my name

there were sit my relatives in shiver while holding her cellphone
she said that she was just arrived, her bro in law got a heart attack and currently be treated in the unit
for a while i acompany her inside the emergency unit
by the moment i stepped in, she was called by her bro in law
he started to talking in 1 or 2 words at a time for a single inhale-exhale breathing
and he started the agony phase
he started to calle her wife, children and any other relatives
not so long his wife already passed away by a cancer, his daughter also in therapy of cancer overseas

i know a little bit, his life are not going to last a day
he started to vomit, and excreting all the rest inside of his digesting system, im sure of that
just a couple hours i left the hospital he died

and here comes the third one

two nights ago, by a gas station i was stopped by a random stranger
he asked me to bring a springbed home
at the time im with a motorcycle and it is impossible to do
he said that he got the bed from his boss as a THR and planning to go directly with mudik
he said that i can buy it for a half price -w-
well i dont have any idea of the event happening
i said that i dont have any money, and lived far away
once again he asked me to take the bed with
for the las time i said, i dont have any money cuz i spend a lot for a plane ticket
after that i saw his face so pissed and in other way, it could somekind of crime
i felt so uneasy around him while we talk

maybe my random life attract many random things -w- i dont know

ETC summer class 2012

Hi  ~

gw baru saja kembali dari kelas musim panas yang diadain di erasmus
sebenranya ini adalah kali kedua gw ikut program ini
programnya diwajibkan oleh kampus
selama 2 minggu gw harus bangun extra pagi supaya ga  terlambat
-w- tau sendiri kan macetnya jakarta saaat jam berangkat kantor, di sisi lain juga ga boleh telat.
kali ini gw dapet 2 dosen asing namanya : ellen le compte dan rachel jobels
yang pertama orang belgia dan yang kedua orang belanda
hal yang menjadi seru adalah dosen yang gw dapet umurnya masih muda, jadi lebih interaktif hahaha
in near future akan gw upload beberapa foto see you soon


liebster award

hi folks :3 hi blog ~
 award ini diberikan dari 
sepertinya liebster itu bahasa jerman ya 

Peraturan :

  • Tiap orang yang kena tag harus nulis 11 hal mengenai dirinya sendiri
  • Jawab pertanyaan yang diajukan oleh orang yang nge-tag kamu
  • Bikin 11 pertanyaan baru untuk orang yang ingin kamu tag
  • Tentuin 11 orang untuk dapat award ini dan link-kan mereka ke post-mu
  • Pergi ke halaman blog mereka dan kasitau kalo mereka dapat award ini
  • Tidak bisa nge-tag balik

Nah, sekarang saya mau menuliskan 11 hal mengenai diri saya:

  1. Terlahir di bulan Juli
  2. baru saja berkepala dua
  3. Easy listener (musik apapun yg enak di telinga, psti didengerin)
  4. Menyukai alat musik string, rhythm, tiup
  5. Sedang menjalani masa studi tahun ketiga di jurusan Studi Belanda
  6. Seorang pengemudi ilegal tanpa SIM sejak kelas 6 SD hingga saat ini
  7. Coffees :3
  8. Ingin bikin band/orkes amatir kecil-kecilan aja
  9. Nocturnal (ini biasanya disebabkan nugas kuliah XD)
  10. An oneironaut
  11. Berharap bisa ikut elfstedentocht

Terus, ini pertanyaan dari saya untuk kesebelas teman yang beruntung di atas:

  1. Punya nama tengah? Pandya
  2. Henpon yang sekarang kamu pake itu henpon keberapa? ke 8 atw 9
  3. Pernah loncat kelas? belum tp dulu pengen
  4. Pas lagi ngetik ini, jam berapa di situ? 11.35 AM
  5. Nasi goreng langgananmu di mana? di deket kampus STIE bakti pembangunan jakarta, masnya namanya komeng
  6. Kamu ultah bulan apa? Juli
  7. Apa alat musik yang bisa kamu mainkan? sedikit gitar ~
  8. SMS paling atas di-inboxmu sekarang dari siapa? Refina (nama garem kn ya tuh ?)
  9. Film yang kamu nonton sebelum nge-post tulisan ini apa? Ben X (bukan ben ten loh)
  10. Perpustakaan atau mall? Perpustakaan, klo ngantuk bisa tiduran XD di mall ga bisa
  11. Punya kenangan seru dengan dompet? waktu SD pernah nyangkutin dompet temen di talang air sekolah XD
Berikut adalah pertanyaannya
  1. Kalo punya anak laki-laki namanya siapa, perempuan namanya siapa ?
  2. Pernah minum minyak kayu putih ? rasanya gimana ?
  3. Apartemen atau Kosan
  4. Kenangan terseru waktu masih SD ?
  5. Cemilan favorit ? belinya dimana ?
  6. Canon atau Nikon ?
  7. 1 kue yang pengen banget di coba apa ?
  8. Warna baju yang ga dimilikin ?
  9. Nama guru paling nyebelin di SMP ? pelajaran apa ?
  10. Bisa naik sepeda dari umur berapa ?
  11. Tujuan wisata yang pengen banget dikunjungi ?

pertanyaan yang tertera diatas silahkan dijawab ~
meskipun ini award tapi gw terlalu bingung mau nge-tag siapa =w= jd boleh diambil secara bebas klo mau ~

rainbow cake trial

hi folks :3 currently im working for a kitchen for a bit
what im doing is just take things here and there, mix things then bake ~
here are just some pic of the experiments and trials X3


Durian atau duren pasti udah familiar di kuping kita semua orang indonesia
duren dapet predikat : " Raja Buah " 

XD mungkin karena besar ukurannya atau juga karena banya durinya bisa dibilang mirip mahkota kali ya ~

3 wheel ferrari

im back folks ~ :3
i captured the pics on my way heading home
it is a new opened car showroom
well i have seen the other in the middle of the city, but to see it opens another showroom makes me questioning 

pilkada - jakarta

i set auto focus but the focus dont go to the pinky XD it wont matters hahaha
blurry naturally it seems ~
few wishes from me for the city : MRT and resolutions of the terrible traffic jams XD
as a kid that go out a lot, the jams surely waste much time ~


ennichisai 2012

Hello Folks ~ :3 

so long i havent touch the blog 
as i said previously i dont go for any hiatus XD

not long ago i went to Ennichisai - Jakarta Little Tokyo 2012
and here is few photos i took ~
it was a good refreshment among my busy days :3

leuk commercial

XD hi folks !

this time i make a post for the canon ixus commercial

im not paid single penny for this and its not a promotion also XD
im just interested to buy and also for the things inside the comm so please enjoy


le roaming in the city

I took these photos when im on my way home after taking care of some jobs
i made a little roaming in the city
accidentaly i brought camera at the same time 
as usual i use no further editing, the pictures are just the result of how my surroundings 'move' :3
please enjoy ~

Read more ~




it is still may XD 
and i think it is not too late to post this pic hahaha ~



hi folks :3 

sebenernya ini adalah quickpost yang dibuat dimana gw ga merasa ngantuk sama sekali XD
well, pagi ini jam 8pagi akan ada ujian listening
gw terjaga sampe selarut ini juga bukan karena belajar buat ujian ataupun stressed besok ujian

gw baru saja menyelesaikan tugas uas yang bisa dibilang take home, 80% lah (ngerjain tugas kok dikredit)
bad habits gw adalah saat-saat yang orang menyebutnya genting, gw malah seharian ini malah 
ngalor-ngidul ngetan-ngulon gak jelas, bukannya belajar nyiapin materi untuk entar jam 8pagi XD
masih sempet lagi pagi-pagi sepedaan

wish me luck for my  final exams :3




hi folks its been a while that i didnt make a post =w=
recently im busy with college things as always, join a pair of  thank you projects, troubles to reach internet
and such. . .
few ideas comes to my mind but though the internet oftenly out of reach . . .

i also preparing a journey, a trip, a plan for vacation XD
trying to prepare this thing properly

as the clock ticking next week, we shall begin the final exams for my second year
i wish could go through without any necessary obstacles

see you soon, and im not going for any hiatus XD


queen's day

hi folks :3 im back again

seminggu lalu gw dapet undangan dari kedutaan besar belanda untuk menghadiri acara hari ratu
hari ratu adalah hari libur nasional di belanda untuk merayakan ulang tahun ratu belanda
hari ratu yang sekarang bukanlah hari ulang tahun ratu Beatrix, tanggal 30 April kalo ga salah itu ulang tahun neneknya, Wilhelmina XD
alasan dirayakan pada 30 april karena masih merupakan musim semi, dimana di seluruh belanda berbunga XD
terutama di keukenhof (i will write it later)

i was unable to took some photos TwT huhu.. the camera was taken by my lil bro..

lil arabian time

one of festival that being held by the west asian studies XD
the midle east festival, i love the pyramid however ~

it shall be done



spreekwoorden = peribahasa

inilah beberapa peribahasa dalam bahasa belanda yang pernah gw sebutin sebelumnya di post ini  hehehe XD

oh iya biar lebih mudah gw ngasi makna per kata [  ]  dan makna peribahasanya (  )

aan boord komen met [ naik ke kapal dengan ... ] ( datang dengan membawa.. ) cth : nyampe rumah, tapi masalah di kampus dibawa . . 

schoon schip maken [ membersihkan kapal ] ( menyelesaikan masalah dan memulai yang baru)

onder zeil gaan [ pergi ke bawah layar ] ( tidur, masuk kedalam selimut ) 

uit de boot vallen [ jatuh dari kapal ] ( diasingkan )

het kind met het badwater weggooien 
[ anak yang ikut terbuang bersama air mandinya ] ( jika tidak berhati-hati nanti akan celaka ) 
jaman dulu orang tua di belanda memandikan anakny di dalam ember, misalnya ada 2 anak, yang 1 udah selesai dimandiin dan dihandukin, karena ceroboh bisa aja waktu ngebuang air dari ember jatoh deh anaknya yang 1 lagi  yang masih di dalem ember XD

het kind van de rekening [ anak dari rekening ] ( korban dari suatu kejadian )
cth : lagi makan berlima di restoran (A,B,C,D,E) , waktu udah mau bayar  si A ke toilet sebentar, setelah bill udah dateng, pergilah keempat teman yang lain, jadilah A yang harus bayar billnya XD

niet voor de poes [ bukan untuk kucing ] ( tidak bisa diremehkan )

oude koeien uit de sloot halen 
[ mengangkat bangkai sapi dari selokan ] ( mengungkit-ungkit masalah yang telah lewat)
karena tanah pertanian belanda berbentuk kanal-kanal, biasanya ada aja sapi yang masuk ke selokan (dalemnya sekitar 2meter-an) lalu mati, kalo dibongkar lagi cuma ngerepotin aja -.-

dat haalt je de koekoek [ kamu memanggil koekoek ] ( nanti diculik koekoek )
dalam mitos orang-orang germania koekoek itu kayak semacem kalong wewe / wewe gombel di indonesia, hantu yang nyulik anak-anak nakal, tp si koekoek itu bentuknya burung. . 

van een mug een olifant maken [ dari nyamuk menjadi gajah ] ( masalah sepele menjadi masalah besar )

sekian dulu, so far baru ini aja yang inget hehe next time ditambahin mungkin di quickpost XD



hi folks i just added the anthology version of the poem from this post 


i found it randomly on youtube ~ hope you can enjoy it 


padma pond

Let the mud of my body be merged with the road that passed by my lover
Let the fire of my body be the light in the mirror that reflects the face of my lover
let the water of my body be merged with padma pond where she always have a bath
Let my breath be the wind that chills her weary body
Let me be the sky that pased by the cloud of my lover

i got this poem randomly somewhere, i dont have any copyright :3
i guess maybe it was written in the mahabharata
randomly translated by me ~


project invitation

hi folks it is sure been a while since im updating the blog :3

current report from the last mid term :

im happy enough for some result and got a little trouble with some 'carefulness'
often i dont do re-check before submitting the test U__U

last week i was offered by one of my classmate to help him
he told me that he is going to make some fine arts project
maybe im going a co-producer? i dont know just looking forward it :3
wish im able to make a hit hehe
im not any kind of design and visual art practitioners ~

maybe im going to make some little quickpost in the future, hope you like it folks


taxi driver

hi folks :3
im just return home from my bonecrushing college XD
im going to make a quick post and wish to be able update so soon

hari ini gw dapet pengalaman yang mengejutkan
entah mimpi apa deh semalem hehehe

cut the crap cuz its a quickpost ~

hari ini gw janjian untuk ketemu sama temen di bilangan pasar minggu
yup, cuma beberapa kilometer kok dari kampus
awalnya udah sama-sama setuju untuk ketemu sekitar jam 4 sore, sekalian gw pulang kuliah juga

jam 3.30 gw berangkat dari kampus, menuju pasar minggu, nebeng motor temen dan turun di bawah flyover tanjung barat
sewaktu di jalan gw masih bingung karena ga dapet konfirmasi kalo dia udah sampe atau berangkat
=.= eh ternyata, pihak lainnya malah masih tidur

sebelum kesel dan bete karena rencana berubah, gw buru-buru ngerombak rencana
gw putuskan dengan iseng untuk jalan kaki dari tanjung barat sampe ke deket pasar minggu
gw bermaksud dari situ nyambung naik bis lagi

di tengah perjalanan gw nanya sama supir taksi : "pak, pasarnya masih jauh gak ?"
katanya : "enggak kok, naik angkot aja, 1x langsung sampe kok"
sembari ngucapin terima kasih gw beranjak jalan kaki lagi meninggalkan bapak pengemudi taksi dengan lambang burung yang sudah sangat familiar ~

gw berjalan lagi sekitar 10menit tiba-tiba taksi yang tadi mendahului gw dan menepi
gw ga mikir apa-apa dan cuma lewat, tapi tiba-tiba dipanggil -.-
(masa sih gw malah mau ditawarin naik taksi) pikir gw singkat

*potongan dialog singkat*
pak supir : "dik, kamu mau kemana? kenapa ga naik angkot tadi ?"
gw : "ke SMA 28 pak, gapapa kok pak, emang pengen jalan aja sayanya"
pak supir : " yang bener kamu? emang dari mana?"
gw : "saya dari depok pak, mau ketemu sama temen disitu"
pak supir : "gausah mas, naik angkot aja, kalo jalan kaki masih jauh" *seketika merogoh sakunya*
gw : "gausah pak, biarin saya jalan aja, namanya juga masih muda"
pak : "ini mas, ambil aja, saya ikhlas kok, kalo gak diterima saya marah" *agak maksa supaya gw pegang*
         " saya inget kok dik, waktu merantau, nyari kerjaan kemana-mana mesti jalan kaki dan gapunya ongkos ngeliat masnya saya inget waktu saya dulu, terima aja ya mas"

gw kaget bercampur bingung, percakapan macem gitu bisa terjadi di pinggir jalan arah ke pasar minggu,
 pak supir pun ga tau  siapa gw, tiba-tiba spontan aja ngasih uang gitu OwO
gw memutuskan untuk jalan kaki juga bukan karena ga punya cukup ongkos
gw terus menolak untuk menerima, tapi akhirnya dia meraih tangan gw sembari memasukkan uangnya dan menutup tangan gw erat. yang bisa gw liat waktu itu emang matanya agak berkaca-kaca sambil melihat gw. .

setelah itu dia keluar dari taksi dan memberhentikan angkot, ga mungkin juga gw ga naikin -.-
setelah gw cek, uangnya cukup untuk beli 1 porsi nasi pake lauk ayam bakar, udah termasuk minum XD kira-kira aja

kaget aja jaman sekarang masih ada orang yang bisa segitunya nolong orang .__.

whoever you are pak :D somehow God will provide you ~

sunday reunion

little reunion that i did last sunday :3


late for a class
batik stof
academic supervisor

three things , worth to be remembered at friday13th


vlaamse taaldag - paint

i took some photos of some masterpieces of europe at the day
especially the painters are Vlanderen (a part of northern belgium and a little part of southern netherland)

it was a special day for the department, XD cuz every classes are dispensed yay !

the were some exhebition, singing contest (of course in dutch) , poetry singing (melodilizing the poems) , and a short presentation by the TaalUnie ( union that cares about the Dutch language in the world )

the raid - movie

last monday i got a free movieticket voucher luckily
i decided to watch the movie
it was good enough and way much better than so called indonesian 'attractive' horror movies

although there were some 'inappropriate' fight scenes 
(in my opinion)
i also a fan of action movies, but few fighting scene happened without enough consideration ( moves, 'organic red liquids' ) makes me complaint a bit for the movie, the amount of blood and the direction where its squirt and the van without bulletproof window looks ilogical to me =w=

on the other hand, i fascinated by the fighting moves done by the actors, because most of them demonstrating silat, one of indonesian martial arts ~


we got a blog challenge

its me again folks :3

post ini buat jawab blog challenge dari mbak adizz

1. lagu apa yang bisa bikin kamu termenung?
2. mimpi apa yang sering kamu alami?
3. berapa lama waktu yang kamu pake buat mandi?
4. jika bisa mengobrol dengan 4 sosok, apa/siapa yang akan kamu pilih?
5. pertanyaan apa yang paling sering muncul di otakmu? (tentang fisik dirimu)
6. Perancis atau Inggris? kenapa?
7. menurutmu kalo jadi artis itu keren atau nggak?
8. berapa kali (dalam sehari) kamu update status facebook dan twitter?
9. film favoritmu apa? kenapa?
10. kapan pertama kali kamu jatuh cinta?
11. kalo ketemu Tuhan, apa yang bakal kamu tanyakan dan kamu  minta?

jawaban :

1. yang lagi dipajang di blog tuh, adelaide sky dari adhitia sofyan
2. cukup sering mimpi naik sepeda di dermaga (mungkin bentar lagi ada yg ngajak ke pantai)
3. 5 menit ? entah itu kecepetan atau enggak
4. hmm...
    Eyang kakung
    Billy (gw kangen anjing gw >w<)
    David Belle
5. "kok kumis gw numbuhnya ga kompak sih ?"
6. Inggris, so far yg gw tau, meskipun katanya perancis itu romantic (especially paris), tp masih agak kotor, kalo di Inggris biar sedikit Like a Sir aja
7. biasa aja, kalo kerjanya ngartis doang kayaknya ngebosenin
8. fb : udah hampir ga pernah sih. Twitter : kalo sempet ngecek, mungkin sekitar 30
9. one of my favourite, Brother Bear, 1 dan 2 
10. wah, mungkin SD tuh 
11. :3 Dad, can i just stay here? (ceritanya di surga) 

oke, 11 pertanyaan lainnya
1. bisa main alat musik apa ?
2. transportasi umum favorit
3. kalo seandainya bisa naik gunung, mau gunung apa?
4. studio apartemen atau student dormitory ?
5. jumlah follower twitter yg dikenal
6. bisa berenang atau enggak ?
7. surat cinta pertama ? (kalo udah modern mungkin email atau sms XD)
8. tempat yang sering berhasil ngasih inspirasi ?
9. bahasa kedua yang lo pelajari ?
10. telur asin atau telur puyuh ?
11. hal terakhir yang dilakuin sebelum pergi tidur ?

i add some extra photos x9

ke 11 orang yang di tag 

1. saila
3. maya
5. esensi
7. agni
8. inana
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:3 sekian dulu ~ semoga yang di tag bisa menjawab dengan senang hati 


bbm filecase

some photos taken while the so called mahasiswa put a concern to the BBM thingy

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hi folks im back again this time :3

last week i got through terible days of sickness and exams >w< wish for better result now and then

okay this place already reserved for my another guest lecturer

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ketiduran di kantin

hi folks :3 its me again

now im reporting my current situation : around next 8 hours from now, im having a grammar exam for the mid term ~

as a said previously, im not so friendly with grammar thingy i dont know why =..=
i think its better to make a post hehe :3

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junior research assistant OwO

things run out of the sudden  !

it was a usual days of class, books, dictionary, quizes

me and my friend acid (sounds cool as it pronounced in english XD ) were on the same class of basic javanese
the lecturer was late as usual
well among the students she also famous, always late around 15mins
for some reasons for me its an advantage anyway XD so i can spend a little a while eating or just doing the homework just before the class at the canteen

class dismissed but then she called me
previously i know she could speak dutch well
in other times we were talking in dutch
on the other chance also she told her journey while in germany

she called me and take out a piece of paper
i thought i was in trouble but the next word was " can you help me with this? "
it was one of her research data, and she  was going to write something over it
i dont even know i she going to write dor a journal or just need some help
she showed me a document, dated year 18something i cant recall, it was 1817 if im not mistaken
the document writen in dutch, next 2mins i tried to examines the document

she asked whats on my mind, the i clearly said " its an old ducument of weddings in west sumatra, it is reported by the oost indische compagnie representation to the head office in batavia "
she replied " good then, can i ask you to translate it, i will be waiting, send me the translation via e-mail "
 i said " i will try to do my best "

actually the document were writen in the 'old' dutch, some words are not used anymore or changed into 'more simple words'
im just a second year student, it was a coincidence or an accident that i fell into dutch XD
im not so good in dutch but, by now i was asked to translate an old document TwT die mee...

the document were just 15 pages, but, as i said, the language was older than the one i learned
the translation done in 5 days, i also aksed help to 2 of my classmates
the document told about a story of an intercultural marriage
between the Melayu (padangnese) and Chinese
to patterns of culture met, patrilineal, matrilineal
a story over, set up marriage, last will, circumstances, conflict, and resolving from each culture

she was happy when i hand in the task, and maybe going to ask me another time for help
i admit at the same time, " sorry, im just a 2nd year and did not got enough knowledge of the 'old' dutch, im trying my best to help your research mam "
and she replied "it was all okay kid"

unconsciously, i became her junior research assistant
once again, is it okay as i a kind of too much play kid =..= is it fit me or not



Hi folks :3 its me again

for now i came up with another story also hehehe

based on the title above " prihatin " i will share some little part of my experiences

well, up until now i always wondering, why do people ( especially they, who live in a big city) having a 'better' tendency of ignorant
lets just jump on to the case
i have several experiences that makes me think, why do they can do it like there was nothing happened ~

not long ago i saw a motorcycle accidents

as an eyewitness, i do concern for the victim
it was mid day
the street was busy
so many cars, motorcycles and bus go fast through the jamm without warning
suddenly, the thing happenend right in front of my motorcycle
at the time i was stopped by the red on the trafficlight
and also at the same time he (victim) tried to turn right from the front


he fell so hard and hit the pedastrian path , he was only can breathe slowly
i jumped off from my motorcycle
bringing his motorcycle to the side of the way
there were 2 other people joining me to help him

what the others do?
they were just staring like fishes in hunger =.=
not so long one of them shouted then ignites a ' klakson war '
i know its a busy time for traffic, but cant you see someone hurt here ?

another story happened near depok
in usual evening, i waited for a bus to take me home
i stood in front of a restaurant, people reminded for the sign, a catfish upon a plate XD
while my eyes wander for a sign from my bus
suddenly a man, fell off from his motorcycle
fortunately he wore a helmet, at least his head wont hurt
the first thing came on my mind : "okay, he might be sleepy, on second, he might be on a heart attack OwO"

the next event is just like i described above, no one running towards him and trying to save
we brought him to the side of the street
people starting to circle around, once again what they can do , are just staring in strange
i tried to check his pulse (im not a med student at all) at least im just checking, he was still alive or not
i feel sorry for him, not so long, then come the bus, so i decided to leave the ' accident scene '

well things are confusing right?
 indonesians were proud of their ' gotongroyong-ness ' but unfortunately
these days the good stereotype starting to fade =..=


anyeri day - 2

and the story keep on going hehehe

i dropped the photos at the end of this post

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12 tags from yesi

Yow XD dapet tag dari yesi 
sebelumnya maaf karena belum langsung di post 
post yang ini juga belom sepenuhnya komplit, ntar pengen walking-walking lagi sambil nyari blog bagus lainnya supaya bisa di tag ~

12 kota yang ingin banget di kunjungi :

  1. Moskwa
  2. Vladivostok
  3. London
  4. Reyjavik
  5. Jeju-do
  6. Randstad (4 of them xD)
  7. Oslo
  8. Harbin
  9. Xian
  10. Constantine
  11. Forbidden City
  12. Anchorage

12 sifat yang tidak disukai :

  1. Lies
  2. Lazy
  3. Whines
  4. .
  5. .
  6. .
  7. .
  8. .
  9. .
  10. .
  11. .
  12. segitu aja cukup kayaknya
12 Orang yang paling berarti : 

  1. Leluhur
  2. Kakek-Nenek
  3. Orang tua
  4. Saudara
  5. Teman
  6. =..= cuma segini kali ya... sounds cliche 

12 Tag :

Untuk yang ini di tunggu sampe bisa update rutin deh hehehe


anyeri - day 1

hi folks im back :3 and gonna continue the story hehehe ~
tanpa ba-bi-bu langsung ke cerita

oke mata ini masih ingin lekat merekat erat karena kurang tidur =..= gw melakukan zombiewalk sampe kamar mandi. di villanya kamar mandinya ada 3 tapi letaknya diluar kamar, jadi tetep aja harus keluar kamar dan jalan ke kamar mandi buat cuci muka dan sikat gigi

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anyeri - prologue

hi folks its me again :3

last week me and my friend went to anyer
well its been soo long that i can take a break and joining a trip hehe
i do enjoy all things there :3

semua bermula saat gw masuk ke dalam organisasi baru
dari awal masuk kuliah emang UKM yang satu ini cukup menarik perhatian gw hehehe
namanya aja udah cukup bikin muter otak sejenak Center of Entrepreneurship Development and Studies
awalnya emang bikin agak segan dan mikir dua kali untuk gabung tapi taun berikutnya gw gabung juga hahaha
gw bukan gagal di tahun pertama kuliah waktu dbuka perekrutan anggota baru TAPI cuma kelewatan tanggal aja =..=

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set sail ~ all aboard

hi folks its me again :3

i know i wasnt being so active even its just a starting of an semester
out of nowhere things got so complicated *sigh* also 30 hours/ week studying
material and the tasks wont play easy wind >w<

i will be giving little reports hehehe
especially around my college days

first of all, i got excited for taking the "kebudayaan Indonesia" class
in the begining im sure to not taking this class before i get enough info from other students
when i get some useful informations, in short it was only about "which docent is so generous for their student in score?" just that, simply easy thuings.
most of the respondents said its good to take Mr. X's class
without any further thoughts, i go signing for his class
his class is just well known among the student as an easy class, with easy scores.
well, in my opinion, it is just logic if wish better score then you need to try little harder in order to get better score~

days passed, when it comes to the first meeting of the class, my name was never exist...
i confused a little
before the class started ive heard roumours that some of the registered student and counted 'save a seat for the match' whose their studyplan did not approved by their academic supervisor might be scrambled to other class..
and the rumour at last happened
as i said before i did had a problem with the study plan....

after checking the right class, i know where do i really belongs to for this subject =.=
i scrambled into, yeah i can called it a girl dormitory or an intensive class
there were only 5-6 boys inside the class and the rest is girl students for the rest 25 other . . .

i felt trapped, but after some teaching from the docent i realize something
well, there was a favourited docent
fortunately this academic year, almost all of them reponsible for the subject
i found a hidden secret
the one who teach me right now in the class is also a favourited docent...
when peoples dying, to get into Mr. X's class
the luck just brought me into another one docent

she is an expert in her field, for special, i said it archaelogical studies
the way she teach good i think
and also, she able to pack theories with simple examples
she was so interactive and motivated to teach us all
she always giving examples from her experiences too
it makes the class better
---- now i just said " im lucky so far, i guess " hehe
doesnt matter about the score, i prefer to get better understandings of our culture
XD things turns out really unexpected

on the other side, this term we got a native docent, again hehehe
his name is meneer Ari, for 6 weeks he is going to teach over the nederlandkunde
in the 6 years he will teach de nederlandse
well, i think almost all of human have an oral traditions that passed through the generations
as in indonesia we learned about the " peribahasa" so a spreekwoorden is the same
i will post some of the spreekwoorden later hehe

this term i also take 2 optional subjects, they are the "basic javanese" and " basic turkish"
im interested to learn the language just in case to hear and understand whoever speaks in javanese
for the turkish, actually it was a desperate choice
at first i try my best to get the " basic italiano " class, but luck wont be with me this time
the class clash with my other compulsary subjects

for the javanese, i can be called as "jawa swasta" its just a joke
it means that, a javanese, live with the language but couldnt not reply in javanese
for the turkish, the first reason i go for the language is the F-O-O-D X9 i felt need to spell it hehehe~
located between 2 continents and formerly a huge important area of international trades through the silk road
in my opinion,  turkey it self is a pond that contains many cultural elements of the eropeans, asians, arabs and  such~
for that reason, makes me think to be able a good turkey speaker as i want their culinary recipe~
there were several turkish students in my campus, and i get some turkish traditional recipes from them hehe

and for this term i got 2 subjects only for texts assesment =.= which means i should almost everyday bring the oranje woordenboek...
will be filled with new vocabularies and also grammar analysis (im not so good with those grammars)
also we should find many different element of the text only by reading
homeworks, so many textx to be brought home TwT
i sometimes not good with riddle hehehe

i only able to say, " waw 30hours per week even we didnt count the assaignments for every subject yet, when should i take a break? '" *sigh*
the schedule are tight however 
all aboard ready to set sail cap ~
wish me luck this term >w<


driving class - II

okay :3 saatnya melanjutkan driving class gw hehehe
dont forget to fasten your seatbelts ~

yup sekarang giliran gw untuk cerita perjalanan gw mengenal mobil ~

pengalaman yang paling lama yang bisa gw temukan dalam arsip memori gw tentang mobil adalah mainin odometer mobil >w< apakah ini disebut nakal atau terlalu iseng... 
*buat yang gatau odomoeter itu apa tanya om google aja atau tante wiki*
yup, waktu itu gw masih tk, gw yakin karena saat itu gw belum punya adek
adek gw lahir sewaktu gw masuk ke sd hehehe
gw sebagai anak kecil yang emang terbilang sering dimarahi karena ga bisa diem, tangannya suka ngutak-ngatik barang..

saat itu gw inget, pulang ke rumah berdua naik mobil, bokap gw beranjak buka pager, dia turun dari mobil.
tersisalah gw di kursi disamping setir, dengan rasa ingin tahu, menarik batang yang mencuat dari display speedometer, setelah ditarik, secara bertahap angka penunjuk odometer menurun, karena kaget gw langsung menekan batang itu lagi dan ternyata berhasil menghentikannya
hal ini yang menimbulkan pertanyaan orang tua gw " kok kilometernya ngurang ya?"
gw yang walaupun belum begitu ngerti, yakin kalo 'sesuatu yang salah' berhasil ditemukan orang tua gw

jujur aja gw baru ngerti fungsi dari odometer itu sendiri saat akhir pendidikan dasar gw dan nyadar

 " oh, jadi itu untuk ngukur seberapa jauh mesin udah kepake, buat acuan kalo mau ganti oli ataupun maintenance rutin "

jujur aja klo waktu masih SD gw 'memainkan' stik odometer juga, tapi yang jadi korban adalah mobil lain U_U

okay balik ke judul ~

gw emang terbiasa dengan ngurusin mobil karena dulu entah kenapa atau karena dibiasain gw menjadi orang yang galak banget kalo mobil dipake sebelum mesinnya dipanasin ~
hampir setiap pagi, gw rela bangun agak pagian dikit, nyomot roti di meja makan, buka garasi, manasin mobil dan sarapan di balik setir 
kadang juga dengan iseng niruin gaya orang nyetir hehehehe
karena kebiasaan inilah gw mobil selalu siap sebelum berangkat ~

pertama-tama diajarin untuk manasin mobil, tarik chooke, starter mobil dan tutup chooke secara bertahap
akhirnya berlanjut ke tingkat berikutnya
gw dengan sadar pengen ngeluarin mobil

yang terjadi pada saat itu adalah gw ga buka pintu garasi 
dengan sangat yakin nyalain mobil
sambil ngomong dalem hati
"oke, step 1 nyalain, panasin mesinnya"
sambil gw menghabiskan roti coklat dan susu yang gw bawa ke cockpit gw menunggu
mari lanjut 
seketika gw mikir "gw pengen majuin mobilnya deh"
seperti layaknya orang mau mulai maju masukin gigi
segera gw injek kopling
masukin gigi 1 
"oke kita coba" kata pikiran gw

*lepas kopling mendadak*

itu adalah memori yang terekam kuat buat gw 
masih mikir aja kenapa majuin mobil dalam keadaan pager garasi tertutup =.=
hasil dari perbuatan gw pagi itu adalah :

patahnya gembok yang mengunci pager garasi
lecet dan sedikit baret pada bumper depan mobil itu .__.

praktis gw langsung kaget, dan ternyata setelah gw lebih ngerti cara nyetir mobil gw menemukan 1 kesalahan yang menentukan yaitu :

gw ga ngelepas handbrake

karena ga ngelepas handbrake itu mobilnya ketahan dan cuma bergerak sepert 'lompat' aja
iya, 'lompat' dan menghatam pager, matahin gembok.
itu adalah pengalaman yang membentuk gw jadi pengemudi yang seperti sekarang ini
selain nyetir sejatinya sih bisa ngatasin masalah-masalah yang umum terjadi pada mobil
misalnya ngisi air aki ataupun ganti ban karena bocor~
sebelum bisa nyetir gw juga diajarin dari kecil untuk selalu bisa ganti ban
ini kemampuan penting yang mesti dimiliki menurut gw hehehe
biasanya gw emang jadi 'bodygurad' nyokap kalo pergi kemana-mana
jadi sewaktu ada kasus ban bocor di jalan, pastilah gw akan ikut bantuin jungkirbalik ganti ban dan main-main sama dongkrak mobil

dan setelah sekian lama, gw mulai serius pengen bisa nyetir SMP kelas 2
waktu itu di rumah ada mobil sekelas SUV gitu warna cream
cukup dengan bisa majuin mobil itu 5 meter dari tempat sebelumnya cukup menjadi hiburan gw klo weekend pagi
semua kegiatana trial and fail gw lakukan terus bahkan sampe sekarang
biasanya abis manasin mesin gw keliling kompleks dan nyoba 'dragging'
di deket rumah ada jalan yang baru diaspal
panjangnya sekitar 200m lumayan sepi juga, apalagi pagi-pagi
cukup buat latian shifting 1-4, mencari-cari 'grip' yang tepat dan dirasa buat pindah naikin gigi


masuk di kampus yang baru gw juga cukup seneng dapet temen 1 jurusan yang ngerti mobil juga, dan emang agak jarang nemuin spesies yang  sama ...
ternyata dia udah cukup berpengalaman soal nyetir menyetir karena udah bawa mobil sejak SMA 
dan yang gw suka adalah sama-sama suka speeding
soal speeding dan drifting gw yakin ilmunya lebih banyak dari gw, dan lagipula ga ada salahnya kan belajar dari orang hehe
dia jam terbangnya emang lebih banyak dan udah pernah ikut slalom competition
dimulai kenalan waktu masuk kuliah dan masih terus temenan sampe sekarang ~

moral of the story is, never too affraid to try, safety first, kalo mau nyetir mobil minimal ngerti caranya maintenancenya aja dulu, temuin cara yang paling enak supaya lo bisa fasih nyetir~

:3 i think its enough for now, i will try to recall some more of my driving class memories~