some pieces of life ~

set sail ~ all aboard

hi folks its me again :3

i know i wasnt being so active even its just a starting of an semester
out of nowhere things got so complicated *sigh* also 30 hours/ week studying
material and the tasks wont play easy wind >w<

i will be giving little reports hehehe
especially around my college days

first of all, i got excited for taking the "kebudayaan Indonesia" class
in the begining im sure to not taking this class before i get enough info from other students
when i get some useful informations, in short it was only about "which docent is so generous for their student in score?" just that, simply easy thuings.
most of the respondents said its good to take Mr. X's class
without any further thoughts, i go signing for his class
his class is just well known among the student as an easy class, with easy scores.
well, in my opinion, it is just logic if wish better score then you need to try little harder in order to get better score~

days passed, when it comes to the first meeting of the class, my name was never exist...
i confused a little
before the class started ive heard roumours that some of the registered student and counted 'save a seat for the match' whose their studyplan did not approved by their academic supervisor might be scrambled to other class..
and the rumour at last happened
as i said before i did had a problem with the study plan....

after checking the right class, i know where do i really belongs to for this subject =.=
i scrambled into, yeah i can called it a girl dormitory or an intensive class
there were only 5-6 boys inside the class and the rest is girl students for the rest 25 other . . .

i felt trapped, but after some teaching from the docent i realize something
well, there was a favourited docent
fortunately this academic year, almost all of them reponsible for the subject
i found a hidden secret
the one who teach me right now in the class is also a favourited docent...
when peoples dying, to get into Mr. X's class
the luck just brought me into another one docent

she is an expert in her field, for special, i said it archaelogical studies
the way she teach good i think
and also, she able to pack theories with simple examples
she was so interactive and motivated to teach us all
she always giving examples from her experiences too
it makes the class better
---- now i just said " im lucky so far, i guess " hehe
doesnt matter about the score, i prefer to get better understandings of our culture
XD things turns out really unexpected

on the other side, this term we got a native docent, again hehehe
his name is meneer Ari, for 6 weeks he is going to teach over the nederlandkunde
in the 6 years he will teach de nederlandse
well, i think almost all of human have an oral traditions that passed through the generations
as in indonesia we learned about the " peribahasa" so a spreekwoorden is the same
i will post some of the spreekwoorden later hehe

this term i also take 2 optional subjects, they are the "basic javanese" and " basic turkish"
im interested to learn the language just in case to hear and understand whoever speaks in javanese
for the turkish, actually it was a desperate choice
at first i try my best to get the " basic italiano " class, but luck wont be with me this time
the class clash with my other compulsary subjects

for the javanese, i can be called as "jawa swasta" its just a joke
it means that, a javanese, live with the language but couldnt not reply in javanese
for the turkish, the first reason i go for the language is the F-O-O-D X9 i felt need to spell it hehehe~
located between 2 continents and formerly a huge important area of international trades through the silk road
in my opinion,  turkey it self is a pond that contains many cultural elements of the eropeans, asians, arabs and  such~
for that reason, makes me think to be able a good turkey speaker as i want their culinary recipe~
there were several turkish students in my campus, and i get some turkish traditional recipes from them hehe

and for this term i got 2 subjects only for texts assesment =.= which means i should almost everyday bring the oranje woordenboek...
will be filled with new vocabularies and also grammar analysis (im not so good with those grammars)
also we should find many different element of the text only by reading
homeworks, so many textx to be brought home TwT
i sometimes not good with riddle hehehe

i only able to say, " waw 30hours per week even we didnt count the assaignments for every subject yet, when should i take a break? '" *sigh*
the schedule are tight however 
all aboard ready to set sail cap ~
wish me luck this term >w<


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