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reis naar buitenzorg

hi folks im back hehe :3

at this chance i will share some story over my bolang-ness xD
maybe this one of unusual habit from me, when i got nothing to do, i so felt driven to explore things or places

at this time my madness brought me to buitenzorg :3

everything starts around 4.00pm
at noon i submitted my report of resposibility according to the academic achievement
after i submitted the report i went to the library ~
well library is more like a 'large tent' for me xD
whenever i got bored with the class or even late for a class ill go here
i usually take a nap or search some books, or just ngadem
like a common library, filled with books =.= unfortunately the collection organizations still not good enough
in fact, that so called the most large library in the south east asia not fully functioned
almost all of the faculty libraries 'robbed' and 'forcefuly' to be closed.
when the books gone, faculty library left as empty building.

okay, back to the bolang story xD
i opened my facebook account
suddenly i remembered an address, one from my friend that lived in bogor
i go check his  page, write the address then walkout
at the early steps my mind stirred xD how should i do to find his house?
i dont even stepped bogor once, in this term i mean alone and dont know where should i go xD

i go to the station, Stasiun Pondok Cina
i put myself on somekind  of critical condition
i went to bogor only with 5000 IDR in my pocket xD
first, i buy the ticket, yup, the economy class or the goat's class if it not sounds rude
no air conditioners, we use the natural wind xD
also no limitation of passanger, as long you can step in or cling to the train youre in ~

 as i say on previous post, pondok cina formerly true area of chinese housing outside of Depok old town

 the railway
 rail crossing ~

special carriege for women

not long after the commuter line train passed 
i got my economic class train
the train was fullfilled with people as usual

cilebut station one stop before reaching Buitenzorg
the trip takes 1 hour time and finaly landed in Buitenzorg

 end of the railroad ~
 Mt. Salak, taken from the Bogor Station

-the cockpit-

-the hall-

welcome, you are 246 meters above the sea level ~

-carved ornament on the exit door- 
(i think it represents rococo architecture style)

right after that, directly i asked the security, in a random sundanese

"kang, numpang nanya, jalan kujang teh kamana dari sini?"

i did that for 3 times and fortunately my friend's house located not so far from the station, it was only 30 minutes walking.
i intent to see his workshop, so i decided to 'survey' , to know the location xD

after seeing his workshop, then its time to go home ~
i bought a ticket, and also asked the guard on the platform, what time the first train departing to Jakarta.
i truly remembered it was 8.00 PM 
he replied " fortunately, there were delays, soon the 7.00 pm train will depart to Jakarta next 15mins.

=.= i dont have any idea, when will the train schedule in Indonesia can go without unecessary delays..

8.15 departed from Bogor

this photo taken just before the train depart, im interested for the clock, unfortunately it was not works properly Dx

 there were still  incident, when i arrived in manggarai, the employee ont the ticket counter said

"the next train, will be the last train at 10.30 PM"

what!? i cant wait too long so i rushed to the busway shelter, take a bus to get home.

-9.30PM manggarai busway shelter-

 finaly i got home at 11.00 PM =.= it takes so long ooh
at first i planned to take the trains to get home, but i should change of plan
rushed to the bus shelter and rushed to get home as soon as possible
it was great really, thanks God

find something wrong XD ?
from this part here come the trivia section :3
the answer is not true or false
feel free to answer your questions~

i think its enough for now hehe
i also state the photos posted in this blog are just placed here without through any editing phase X3


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  1. itu yang naik di atap kereta belom ngerasain kena bola beton? haha

  2. hmmm bener benjet itu narsen, kayknya semua stiker di transjkt yg harusnya ditulis "Ladies" malah jadi "Ladie's" =_=b

    anyway sen, gimana perasaannya naik atep kereta? menyenangkan kah? :p