some pieces of life ~

roll around campus

hi folks im back again ~ :3
well officially the 3rd term has ended, not long ago ~

i found some photos when i wander around campus please enjoy ~
some of them bring back memories ~

Tako and Jellyfish XD taken from Festival Budaya FIB UI 2011 "under the sea" 

The bustling shelter of UI station, weekdays starts from 07.00 AM onward
The ignored mail bus and the post, i believe they stood since more than 20 years ago

 young deer, see you almost everyday ~

the school's alley ~

         \temple ~ have you ?
this is the actual position, but things change a bit if you rotate it 180 degree ~ idk if its called coincidence

i will gladly share more photos into this blog :3 hope you like it ~

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