some pieces of life ~

3 wheel ferrari

im back folks ~ :3
i captured the pics on my way heading home
it is a new opened car showroom
well i have seen the other in the middle of the city, but to see it opens another showroom makes me questioning 

pilkada - jakarta

i set auto focus but the focus dont go to the pinky XD it wont matters hahaha
blurry naturally it seems ~
few wishes from me for the city : MRT and resolutions of the terrible traffic jams XD
as a kid that go out a lot, the jams surely waste much time ~


ennichisai 2012

Hello Folks ~ :3 

so long i havent touch the blog 
as i said previously i dont go for any hiatus XD

not long ago i went to Ennichisai - Jakarta Little Tokyo 2012
and here is few photos i took ~
it was a good refreshment among my busy days :3