some pieces of life ~

menuju akhir tahun

hi folks

jangan khawatir karena blog ini sepi dan jarang posting
tapi toh akhirnya blog ini bisa jadi tujuan akhir jika gw diguyur dan dilanda kebosanan stadium akut

gw berrani bertaruh, visitor di blog ini kurang dari jumlah jemari dalam satu tangan, tidak apa hahaha

we just passed christmas day little bit
selamat hari natal

iya, media sosial menjadi tempat yang tidak nyaman belakangan, karena isu-isu ini dan itu

my year in a nutshell
bekerja, di satu sisi menyenangkan dan di sisi lain melelahkan ya namanya juga lyfe hahaha
in a way i can say, getting old is sucks
its a pity if i only mention about working here, then what else?

but its fine, some of my friends still stick around and never had a slight of doubt to do some fun thing
so far its gaming
or just eat out
next time, traveling maybe

in the new year i wish i can reach a higher places (naik gunung?)
._. im in need of vacation
im missing my days of workout
please just forgive my beer belly

im wishing you great year ahead (tsah)


rapal tanda

terbentur saja kali ini
sekejap aku terperangkap rasi
sekarang aku ditawan semesta
ini sudah sekian kali kita bertukar kata

dalam bahasa di sana tanda
berarak menyusun salinan makna
nanti juga tidak ada aku pinta puja
ini sudah aku di dalam liputan kain kesumba

duduklah kita berbicara
tidak akan lagi cukup segala bahasa di dunia
segala makna saat ini siap bertempur
akan setiap tanda rasa kamu yang akan melipur


dalam mimpi
padamu yang melekatkan peranti arti
semburat apa lagi yang akan diberi
aku yang gigih ingin mengerti

evening lecture by IHS

hi folks !


now i came to you with a little story

so couple of weeks ago i attended an evening lecture series, held by IHS
at first, the word heritage is the one that really catch my eyes (of course it was my area of interest in my previous study)

the theme of the lecture is Jakarta as melting pot, a melting pot of people of many origins

ah about IHS, its an abreviation of Indonesian Heritage Society
its already founded in 1970-ish, and at glance the members of the club mainly foreigner,
in the session, I only found 6-10 indonesian people, to my surprise out of 50-ish people
previously I expected to came across more indonesian people who have concerns about heritage issues

by surprise (again) there is an admission fee for the lecture that unfortunately not mentioned in the publication
im so affraid to miss the lecture

pardon my shallow wallet, have mercy on tanggal tua
also, i mainly go cashless and prefer non-cash transactions haha

so i need to find an ATM
its located pretty far away but the lecture will starts soon
on a busy streets, i cross without using the pedestrian bridge
ya it is on Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said, one of artery street of Jakarta

after successfuly cross back and forth, i am officialy registered
yeah i used to live dangerously hahaha
before the session we can enjoy some snacks and drink, they offer wine too ~

and so the lecture starts
the speaker is Tamalia Alisjahbana
I guess maybe it has something to do with a writer named Sutan Alisjahbana
and, it is haha
she delivered a very entertaining lecture, i can say so
next time i wish to meet her in personal and discuss many more things

when the lecture starts I also had a little shock where people using dutch or english as lingua franca hahaha, i speak dutch rarely lately

back to the lecture
so basicaly Jakarta or Batavia were built upon people of many origins

there are :
the arab
the moor
the chinese
the balinese
the bugis
the javanese
the portuguese
the ambonese
the dutch

now you know its a melting pot right?

they bring their tradition, work, stuffs and many more, or in short their (rich) culture
these people leaves their marks
also buildings especially temples, mosques or churches

i noted several things

islam was not solely brought by the arab, but also the moors (moors are the people from the far south of india's coast) not just hindu traders, there are muslim traders too

also, nasi briyani that we know is appeared in this community in Batavia, brought back to the arab land as a result of cultural interaction between arab traders and the moors (moors are known for their skill of mixing herbs)

there were exist 2 type of portuguese man, the light and dark colored skin
the first one of course the full blood european and the second one is known also by name mardijkers
mardijkers is people that get equal status as citizen, after freed from slavery
they can act and speak like regular portuguese
this kind of event happens too in south africa, so there were appear a term of black dutch

the chinese, yup they are almost all around the world because of trade
the interesting thing is there were an advertisement of emigration to nusantara, organized by dutch government which needs more workers. on the other hand, slave trade also occured
after an massacre in Batavia, the fled chinese brought also their carpenter craft to the deeper part of Java, the spread along the north coast and central Java

the bugis and ambonese are known for their strenght and also sailing skill, they came to Batavia as mercenaries and take role on some rebellion battles while Balinese were not so lucky, they could be war prisoners or even slaves

I suppose that also possibilities of minor groups of asean countries like vietnamese, philipinese and maybe thai that already  had a trade relation with Batavia or Sunda Kelapa port. I guess that some trade activities are moved to melaka because of the dutch occupation of Batavia

I think thats all for now
see you soon IHS


menuju akhir tahun


hola folks


at least i hope you all in a good shape

i just saw how much i dont post anything


the pokemon

whats up pokemon?
not 151 of them, seems like the hype was gone
replaced with bot, also i had to do lotsa stuff after working

what's up?
haha life goins so soft, nothing much happened
i made friend to a junior back in unversity, majoring in History
turns out i called him sultan

still my idea to fix my bike did not happened yet

time flies a bit faster becasue it is almost the end of the year
in my head the calendar moved to November already

stay in shape folks !
good luck

Im just pokemon go-ing

Hola folks !


this post is about the recenr hype and i guess im a little late to post this haha

TA - DA !

there we go with the pokemon go phenomenon ~
im personaly interacted with the pokemon stuff back in my elementary school day

of course i play the game at gameboy color
yup in a train travel between jakarta - surabaya i managed to almost complete the game ~

my starter is bulbasaur, yep back then taking squirtle or charmender is a mainstream stuff
by installing the game im recalling my memories of pokemon hahaha

according to some news in 2 days, the app will be officially released for asia server but who really knows

i remove any other game apps on my phone, only steam and clash royale (idled)

once i installed the pokemon go, my sis is also interested to try it
it takes me no time to try, go around my neighbourhood
hmm from kids to adult play it, my co-worker here play it too

now im level 7, but it was shocking there are some people already on level 20-ish or so

to the gym?
uh no, i prefer to catch all the pokemon and evolve them

im joining team mystic
its the blue one with the emblem of articuno

other than pokemon you can get egg
to hatch the eggs you need to walk for certain kilometers
what i found til today is 2-5KM so far

i had a plan to fix my bike, and do the hunt while roaming all around with my bike in the weekend
a fun way to get into shape ~

my advice is the same
though it so much FUN
pay equal attention to your suroundings at all time
try to do group hunting, its more fun and safe
dont drive and poke go (i did it sorry ._.')

stay safe, keep calm and gotta catch them all


around the work

[topic : work]

this post is a follow up of a comment from the previous post
thanks for throwing me a topic
also helping to gthis blog generate posts XD

hi happy fellas ~

this time i will share the story and stuffs around my working days
to describe it, well its kinda hard but who cares hahaha

well since my graduation im involved in marketing stuffs
and now im having responsibility on handling corporate events

just a little throwback, few weeks ago im handling an event in kuningan
it was a running event then continued with a concert, whole day to midnight
the preperation phase in the office is quite okay until heavy rain strikes in
still, the rain is pouring from above when i should unload all the stuff

congratulation ! basah kuyup

for an event, the hard works lies in the loading in and out process
there you can meet the unsung heroes
you have to carry and prepare all the stuff in not so favourable condition
sometimes you need to make  delicate improvisation and tweak under pressure
it was 10PM-3AM work
im home at 4AM

early in the morning i get up
with 3 hours of sleep, i should take care of something in depok all the way after the lunch time i need to go to kuningan, to the site
from 3pm-12pm

no its not done yet hahaha
in between i managed to buy the nasi padang for the team member
i tried to sleep for an hour, to prevent me getting too tired haha

now its 2.30 in the morning and i just finished all the things
its a long work hours
it took me 3 days
friday-saturday-early norning sunday
my body felt heavy and my head a little light
as soon as i reached home i need to sleep almost all day hahaha

i guess its enough
that is my work for now

ps: dont mind to comment and give me a topic to be written from my view


hungry and foolish

Hi folks


judul post ini sama saja dengan kutipan yang sudah beredar luas, paling tidak di hidup kita yang tidak jauh-jauh dari teknologi bernama internet

kutipan di atas diambil dari ucapan seorang terkenal, pendiri dan pencipta dari perusahaan berlambang apel krowak haha,

iya, gw bukan penggemar apel
tapi setelah saya utak-atik (secara tak sengaja baru-baru ini) apel memang menawarkan kenyamanan pengguna yang berbeda daripada jendela
baiklah gw mengakui kehebatan apel, sebelum kamu hilang, Steve Jobs.

sudahlah maksud gw bukan untuk membandingkan jendela dengan apel

kembali ke persoalan kutipan
stay hungry, stay foolish

iya saya lapar, kadang juga bodoh
semudah itu gw terinspirasi oleh ucapannya
sederhana tapi mengusik
dalam kiasan seolah mengatakan "heh, jangan sombong!"

teruslah lapar
teruslah bodoh
ayo berpikir

dengan begitu belajar terasa menyenangkan karena gw tidak ingin merasa sok tahu
di dalam pikiran ada suara "i can learn something new everyday"

sejauh gw mengenal steve jobs hanya dari apa yang dibuatnya di apel
gw merasakan sendiri hasil pemikirannya dari produk buatan apel
gw baru mulai penasaran lantaran dia dikabarkan meninggal dunia
gw rasa gw harus baca biografinya
(well i need to find the book soon)

gimme a topic

Hi folks !


in order to help me gather ideas then i try to open this box

you can comment on this post and ask me to give a thought about it
your topic is welcome


up alive

Hi folks !


well im motivated to make a blog post
i just happened saw so many blogpost feeds and it means i dont blog so much lately haha

hey, im doing it on my working hour
no, im not sorry ~
its part of the job i guess 

im kind of utilizing blog as a space to practice my writing
pardon my bad writing, hope i can get better as time goes 

so how is life?

just a moment earlier i saw a vlog post from my friend and by then rise an urge to keep this blog alive, or at the very least lively
maybe a vlog project one day
oh i recall there was a podcast too
hmm sounds cool

its the same like the sub-title state, this blog is pieces of  my life (?) 
my life is recorded here, through pictures or just a simple line i write
its funny to re-read a post from my early years
there is no rigid form of the blog or the theme
every post, i consider it as an unique brick that build the house

huff, so much things missed to be write down since i got time consuming stuff 
work, work, work?
like i said earlier, rest well is half of the work

i lost my time
i lost my 15-ish hour of working out a week :(
i missed more than 100 chapters of manga series
i lost my siesta, you know you can google it
i miss to spend the time in the kitchen too

what else?
well i got a job, try to like the job
fine, im not the kid who whines over job related stress-stuffs
chillax ! XD
i challenge myself just how far i will go with the job ?
wish me luck :3

on the other hand i try to do something e-sport related
i started to run a startup
im doing this like a marathon
it (should be) more like partying for living
is it rhymes or ring a bell?
i decided to not stop with the game stuff, in a way or other way around

for something that coming, im aiming to pursue  higher education
i wish to learn new things, just because its fun to do so
wish me luck :3 (again)

enough for now
i expect more things to come XD
see ya



aku ada di belantara
kamu ada di mana
di samudra aku berada
kamu juga tidak ada
jagat jadi bertanya
aku di mana
kamu di mana

di dunia orang mati
terlalu banyak gaduh
di pesta raya riuh
sepi tapi aku tidak tuli

agar supaya
menangkap aku sewaktu berlari
mendapati aku di saat duduk
menghampiri saat ku rebah

aku atau kamu berpikir
merindu atau dirindukan



di sudut pakaianmu
di telapak tanganmu
di sisimu
di penginapan
di pinggir jalan
di dekapmu
di tepian air
begini saja cukup
tidak di rumahmu
nanti kamu akan rebah lagi
duduk juga bersama aku


old geezer meeting



its just a continuation of the previous story

officialy this kind of meeting had no names at all haha
i dont know how but this kind of name popped out in my mind
its more like an expression when i meet and talked for a long time with particular person

old, yes maybe i do hahaha but luckily there is somebody older
after the little reunion, since its rainin so hard outside (remember its lunar new year) we dicided to grab some food to eat
we stopped by a restaurant burgers. oh there is a free refills
last time there were six people, talking like bunch of sir or just like boys
the topic stretched from some serious conspiracy until easy peasy things haha
there was a topic about maritime industry, sports, sustainable energy, monster hunter on nintendo ds, trias politica even doing a quiz from the restaurant and a surf on instagrams

more or less (a serious) conversation like that mostly happens when you are so old, so old that a little kid point at you and  say "old geezer", in fact we are not ol anyway hahaha
maybe its just the topic that we talked (SEEMS) like topics of (any older) man
there goes 6 hours
then somebody need to go home and everybody is dismissed like a class ended

still as any other leaves one by one then i still trapped because of the heavy rain
he needs tebengan to get to the transjakarta shelter
its me then with the true old geezer hahaha
its my idea to call him old, yes he is old, older than me
he studied law and put much attention in it, its fun to have him as your lawyer
i can count him when it comes to some lawsuit and things and his job done well so far
he is now pursuing his master degree, he will just pull through just like any other my friends
he discussed his thesis proposal with me
(something unusual to do while trying to kill the time)
while the rain still refuse to quiet down we decided to go because we are so done with the thesis things
it took apparently a 2 hours of discussion with much of distraction and intermezo about marvel and DC things
at least we do something hahaha

the moment i pay to go out of the parking area shock me
i should pay 30k
its a record so far, as i ususally go around with public transportations and today its just a motorcycle
what a surprise
much wow

despite of that, well the time spent is worth it
see ya soon


superbowl 50 - jakarta

hi folks


happy lunar new year
wishing you a good year ahead

sebenernya ini cuma catatan kecil dari reuni yang tidak direncanakan
semuanya bermula dari ritual tahunan untuk dateng ke acara live streamaing superbowl
superbowl tahun ini adalah perhelatan yang kelima puluh dan bertepatan dengan tahun baru imlek di sini (Indonesia, GMT +7)
sudah beberapa tahun belakangan ini memang rutin diadakan acara live streaming di pusat kebudayaan amerika serikat yang ada di jakarta

sejauh yang saya tahu sampai saat ini peminat american football masih terbilang rendah, biasanya mereka adalah orang-orang yang pernah tinggal atau menjalankan studi di amerika serikat atau sebagian kecil pekerja ekspatriat yang beraktivitas di sekitar jakarta dan sisanya beberapa puluh orang yang bermain american football di jakarta

bertepatan dengan hari libur, ternyata jumlah penonton yang datang meningkat
banyak yang datang membawa serta keluarga dan anak-anaknya
banyak wajah asing yang belum pernah saya temui di lapangan
ini kali pertama saya menemukan bayi berumur 10 bulan di acara live streaming superbowl

look at the crowd

acaranya dimulai jam 6 pagi
bukan kesalahan baca atau penulisan kok hahaha
ini adalah resiko dari perbedaan zona waktu indonesia dan amerika serikat
di acara ini disediakan cemilan dan minuman free flow
karena diadakan pagi-pagi secara tidak langsung kita juga bisa sarapan sembari menunggu live streaming dimulai

pertandingan dimulai dan perlahan auditorum menjadi penuh sesak
seiring dengan berjalannya pertandingan dan semakin ramainya penonton, sebagian kecil dari mereka harus menonton di luar auditorium
tumben sekali ramai
memasuki waktu istirahat atau half time, cold play, bruno mars dan beyonce tampil dan menyanyikan lagu masing-masing dan berkolaborasi
biasanya hanya ada 1 artis yang menjadi performer, tapi tidak kali ini
selama lima puluh tahun terakhir ditunjukkan di layar, performer yang pernah didaulat mengisi halftime show

beberapa pemusik yang pernah manggung di superbowl :
rolling stones
michael jackson
paul mccartney
black eyed peas

pertandingan selesai dengan broncos keluar sebagai juara atas panthers
superbowl 50 adalah pertandingan yang ketat dengan dominasi pemain defense
pertandingan berjalan alot karena pola permainan offense yang sulit dieksekusi dengan baik oleh kedua tim
tetap saja pertandingan terasa menegangkan dari awal hingga akhir

ternyata di sini berkumpul founder and pioneer dari  komunitas football sewaktu masih aktif berkuliah di kampus
setelah acara usai kami memutuskan berfoto bersama
sepertinya acara ini cocok dijadikan ajang reuni paling tidak setahun sekali
banyak di antaranya selain studi dan bekerja sulit juga ditemui hahaha

look at that twenty something thesis deadliner faces
i guess its a wrap for the superbowl 50
lets see what superbowl 100 looks like later !


snap convo

hi folks ~


hope you all doing fine this year
its already 24th of january

i will start this post with a little laugh hahaha
though if i cant laugh maybe just a little smile on my face