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this post is a follow up of a comment from the previous post
thanks for throwing me a topic
also helping to gthis blog generate posts XD

hi happy fellas ~

this time i will share the story and stuffs around my working days
to describe it, well its kinda hard but who cares hahaha

well since my graduation im involved in marketing stuffs
and now im having responsibility on handling corporate events

just a little throwback, few weeks ago im handling an event in kuningan
it was a running event then continued with a concert, whole day to midnight
the preperation phase in the office is quite okay until heavy rain strikes in
still, the rain is pouring from above when i should unload all the stuff

congratulation ! basah kuyup

for an event, the hard works lies in the loading in and out process
there you can meet the unsung heroes
you have to carry and prepare all the stuff in not so favourable condition
sometimes you need to make  delicate improvisation and tweak under pressure
it was 10PM-3AM work
im home at 4AM

early in the morning i get up
with 3 hours of sleep, i should take care of something in depok all the way after the lunch time i need to go to kuningan, to the site
from 3pm-12pm

no its not done yet hahaha
in between i managed to buy the nasi padang for the team member
i tried to sleep for an hour, to prevent me getting too tired haha

now its 2.30 in the morning and i just finished all the things
its a long work hours
it took me 3 days
friday-saturday-early norning sunday
my body felt heavy and my head a little light
as soon as i reached home i need to sleep almost all day hahaha

i guess its enough
that is my work for now

ps: dont mind to comment and give me a topic to be written from my view


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  1. I think if you love what you do, such busy days won't matter! What matter is that you enjoy it~ Ganbate!