some pieces of life ~

finally the national exam is over.. cheers ^_^
but still few things to do hehehe..
SIMAK is waiting ...


in the next 6 days i will facing my final exams so I will leave this blog for a while

today i will share about a song that kept playing through my mind ^^

lyric :
Uta wo utaou
(Let's sing a song)
Daichi no uta wo
(The song of the Earth)
Kaze wo idakou
(Hold the wind in your arms)
Hikari abite
(Bask in the light)
Hoshi wa mata taki
(The stars are twinkling)
Mochi wa kirameku
(Shining down upon the streets)
Fuwa fuwa fururi
(Light and bouncy)
Negai komete...
(Be full of hopes...)

Uta wo utaou
(Let's sing a song)
Sekai no uta wo
(Let the song of the world)
Doko made ikou
(Travel forever)
Sora wo aoide
(Looking up at the sky)
Hito no ubugoe
(The sound of people talking)
Mushi no habataki
(Insects jumping)
Fuwa fuwa fururi
(Light and bouncy)
Omoi nosete...
(Taking my hopes with it...)

Fuwa fuwa fururi
(Light and bouncy)
Ashita wa kitto
(Tomorrow will definitely)
Fuwa fuwa fururi Sora ni todoku
(Light and bouncy. Reach the sky)


Hello world..

it's my first blog

-still under renovations-

but feel free to enjoy ^__^


im ready to blog2 away !!



pos tarpos

ini post pertama gw hehehe