some pieces of life ~

menuju akhir tahun

hi folks

jangan khawatir karena blog ini sepi dan jarang posting
tapi toh akhirnya blog ini bisa jadi tujuan akhir jika gw diguyur dan dilanda kebosanan stadium akut

gw berrani bertaruh, visitor di blog ini kurang dari jumlah jemari dalam satu tangan, tidak apa hahaha

we just passed christmas day little bit
selamat hari natal

iya, media sosial menjadi tempat yang tidak nyaman belakangan, karena isu-isu ini dan itu

my year in a nutshell
bekerja, di satu sisi menyenangkan dan di sisi lain melelahkan ya namanya juga lyfe hahaha
in a way i can say, getting old is sucks
its a pity if i only mention about working here, then what else?

but its fine, some of my friends still stick around and never had a slight of doubt to do some fun thing
so far its gaming
or just eat out
next time, traveling maybe

in the new year i wish i can reach a higher places (naik gunung?)
._. im in need of vacation
im missing my days of workout
please just forgive my beer belly

im wishing you great year ahead (tsah)


rapal tanda

terbentur saja kali ini
sekejap aku terperangkap rasi
sekarang aku ditawan semesta
ini sudah sekian kali kita bertukar kata

dalam bahasa di sana tanda
berarak menyusun salinan makna
nanti juga tidak ada aku pinta puja
ini sudah aku di dalam liputan kain kesumba

duduklah kita berbicara
tidak akan lagi cukup segala bahasa di dunia
segala makna saat ini siap bertempur
akan setiap tanda rasa kamu yang akan melipur


dalam mimpi
padamu yang melekatkan peranti arti
semburat apa lagi yang akan diberi
aku yang gigih ingin mengerti

evening lecture by IHS

hi folks !


now i came to you with a little story

so couple of weeks ago i attended an evening lecture series, held by IHS
at first, the word heritage is the one that really catch my eyes (of course it was my area of interest in my previous study)

the theme of the lecture is Jakarta as melting pot, a melting pot of people of many origins

ah about IHS, its an abreviation of Indonesian Heritage Society
its already founded in 1970-ish, and at glance the members of the club mainly foreigner,
in the session, I only found 6-10 indonesian people, to my surprise out of 50-ish people
previously I expected to came across more indonesian people who have concerns about heritage issues

by surprise (again) there is an admission fee for the lecture that unfortunately not mentioned in the publication
im so affraid to miss the lecture

pardon my shallow wallet, have mercy on tanggal tua
also, i mainly go cashless and prefer non-cash transactions haha

so i need to find an ATM
its located pretty far away but the lecture will starts soon
on a busy streets, i cross without using the pedestrian bridge
ya it is on Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said, one of artery street of Jakarta

after successfuly cross back and forth, i am officialy registered
yeah i used to live dangerously hahaha
before the session we can enjoy some snacks and drink, they offer wine too ~

and so the lecture starts
the speaker is Tamalia Alisjahbana
I guess maybe it has something to do with a writer named Sutan Alisjahbana
and, it is haha
she delivered a very entertaining lecture, i can say so
next time i wish to meet her in personal and discuss many more things

when the lecture starts I also had a little shock where people using dutch or english as lingua franca hahaha, i speak dutch rarely lately

back to the lecture
so basicaly Jakarta or Batavia were built upon people of many origins

there are :
the arab
the moor
the chinese
the balinese
the bugis
the javanese
the portuguese
the ambonese
the dutch

now you know its a melting pot right?

they bring their tradition, work, stuffs and many more, or in short their (rich) culture
these people leaves their marks
also buildings especially temples, mosques or churches

i noted several things

islam was not solely brought by the arab, but also the moors (moors are the people from the far south of india's coast) not just hindu traders, there are muslim traders too

also, nasi briyani that we know is appeared in this community in Batavia, brought back to the arab land as a result of cultural interaction between arab traders and the moors (moors are known for their skill of mixing herbs)

there were exist 2 type of portuguese man, the light and dark colored skin
the first one of course the full blood european and the second one is known also by name mardijkers
mardijkers is people that get equal status as citizen, after freed from slavery
they can act and speak like regular portuguese
this kind of event happens too in south africa, so there were appear a term of black dutch

the chinese, yup they are almost all around the world because of trade
the interesting thing is there were an advertisement of emigration to nusantara, organized by dutch government which needs more workers. on the other hand, slave trade also occured
after an massacre in Batavia, the fled chinese brought also their carpenter craft to the deeper part of Java, the spread along the north coast and central Java

the bugis and ambonese are known for their strenght and also sailing skill, they came to Batavia as mercenaries and take role on some rebellion battles while Balinese were not so lucky, they could be war prisoners or even slaves

I suppose that also possibilities of minor groups of asean countries like vietnamese, philipinese and maybe thai that already  had a trade relation with Batavia or Sunda Kelapa port. I guess that some trade activities are moved to melaka because of the dutch occupation of Batavia

I think thats all for now
see you soon IHS