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basilica's architecture

hi folks :3 im back again ~

im about post some things about architecture (even though im not in a design or even architecture major) look out for architectural designs and shapes is one of good thing to do for me ~

 St. Peter's Basilica

this buliding is familiar i think ~ located in the heart of Vatican City, Vatican
vatican is quite unique state, because its just stands for no so wide of area, it is a state inside Rome~

yup the building is originated from long long ago~
it is where the pope live and do his job..

the basilica is the most large architecture for church i guess just CMIIW (:
the church was built around the early of 16th century it shows so much of renaissance style
the church is also a famous place of pilgrimage as a important place for the Roman Catholic
the plan of this church is unique, like normal designs of cathedral the shape would form a cross.
the church is also famous of the plazas and the one that attracts me is the great plaza where stands the obelisk.
usually obelisk can be found in egypt or some mid eastern areas, but for this case i think it was truly an obelisk that made by the roman authorities. according to some reference it was built to mark the place where St. Peter was crucified up side down and could be also lead tho the tomb of the saint.

the church was finished at the early of the 17th century ( =.= it takes so long)
inside the church we will find numbers of niches with some sculptures stand inside ~
the church also decorated with many pilars that makes the building seen huge
the church was built according the ideas that grow in society  (a simetrical shapes are the most beauiful  )

yup that is a short description of the St, Peter Basilica
hope i can post some more next time
feel free to add an interesting infos :3


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