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hi folks i would like to tell you my experience a week ago :3

currently on the 3rd semester im taking Wayang class or outside indonesia its called shadow puppet
wayang is a unique puppet show
the term of wayang was originated from Basa Jawa : Wayangan (eng : Shadow)
the philosophy of wayang is to show the shadow of daily life in a puppet show
the Dalang (narrator) is the artist, he played the puppets and tell the story also

even im a javanese up til now i never watched a wayang show
i only could see the play through the TV
and also maybe for some other people watching the play is not easy, because the dalang tells the story in Basa Jawa xD

one of the famous story of the play is taken from Mahabharat (you can direct ask Wikipedia Auntie) xD

the show is going for semalam suntuk or we can say "til you drop" xD
the show starts at 9.00pm and ended at 4.00am in the morning
the elements of the show are :

Sinden (singer)
Gamelan Players
the wayang itself ~

i got a new impressions of the show
i thought it would be boring and makes you wanna fall asleep
but it was wrong, the storyline is incridibly makes you awake all night long
also at the same time there were so many delicous foods :3 i can go ngemil all night long ~

i thougt it would be watched only around by 30 people, but the show is just crowded as there is a football match

its in jakarta, im amazed with people that gather and spare their time appreciate the almost lost culture OwO
i saw them bring a
'tikar' ,

'termos' containing coffees

on the other hand, the children of our time dont even know how a wayang show look like, they are used to the animations from TV

as i said before the story are narrated in basa jawa
there, there was a girl, she is an american
at the show ther were also guest from countries that shared almost a like puppet show
the girl do her work as interpretter of the dalang
its interesting knowing that she could master Basa Jawa and provide the audience who dont understand basa jawa with English translation xD
i found it as a breakthhrough, so even more people can enjoy the show :3
also i think we can add Bahasa Indonesia subtitles during the play, so young generations without Basa Jawa as their mother tongue, can also understand

its nice to know that, for now, anybody in the world could enjoy and appriciate wayang :3

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