some pieces of life ~

Dictionary case

hi folks im back again :3
even though during this week im going having three final exams im just feel like blogging xD (promise, ill prepare for the exams)

the story goes over my daily campus life ~

finaly i bought het Woordenboek as we say in english Dictionary

here i give you a brief description of the dictionary :

the color is orange
weight : did not even test it yet (will be updated)
dimensions : 25 x 16 x 7 cm ( updated )
pages : 1263 + 26 + 2 (cover) = you can count it ~xD

there goes some photos

you can imagine if you  have to bring the dicntionary everyday
according to my schedule, i got 4 days out of 5 Nederlands Class
everytime we attend the class, we should bring the dictionary also xD
just imagine what kind of rucksack you have to bring to campus ~

currently im on the third semester and eversince the beginning of my campus life i dont bring any dinctionaries
usually sometimes i make use of the one from the library, but i just cant borrow them and bring it to the class

in my class im the last one who bought the dictionary i think
it is also makes confusions among some lecturers that i  can do well tests that given :3
until one day, the fire nation invades our land  a lecturer said :

" you are not allowed to attend my class, as you dont bring your dictionary"


then im starting my days to bring the dictionary however it looks so heavy to bring
considering the form of the dictionary i wanted to use it as a pillow
unfortunately electronic dictionary for nederlands no exist yet, not in indonesia i guess
the photos above is the sealed condition :3 hope so it could acompany me until the end of my study


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