some pieces of life ~

stuck at uni

hi folks im back xD

lately i got so busy with so called asignment that makes me crazy ~

im going to tell you my experience few days ago

few days ago Depok were 'Poured' with a massive amount of water from the sky

yup it was a terrible heavy rain
the rain stay up quite long, like 5 hours since 4.00 pm
usually i go home with bus
it would be 15 minutes by walking through some pedestrian, the social and politics science campus complex and also a deer cage with not so far bicycle shelter

i cant go anywhere since the rain starting to trap me inside the campus
i am trapped i realy am
the rain keep falling and pour the forest so much
it was starting to get cold evenmore there was thin fog
at the same time i was so hungry
yup hungry cuz i wasnt brought my lunch box (congratulation)

i texted one of my friend and i asked to lend a motorbike
she said "im so sorry currently im not in depok"
at the same i striked with anxiety "what should i do?"
the clock just ticking away and leave me with 9.00pm

as i told you previously
daily i took a bus called Deborah
and the schedule for ther was so hard to be guessed
she can go all she want to
sometimes she came with 15 mins interval, 30min or even an hour
an hour of waiting is not just enough
she would be directly fullfilled with men in standing postion
putting you into a 'sardines scenario'
you cant move or hardly to take a breath

and the good news is : deborah would be already not going to "Lebak Bulus" after 8.00pm
if ure lucky get a deborah after 8.00pm that would be the last bus departing to Lebak bulus.

back to the story
its 9.00pm and the deborah is already vanished
there would be a chance if i could take train or another destination
but it is raining, once again HUJAN DERAS as you can say in indonesians

luckily she texted after around a half hour
"im coming back to depok, you can go with parents if you want to"
i said directly
"no matter what im going home with your parents"
=.= it was so relieving knowing that at last you are safe

her parent brought a car
she texted " we'll meet at the shelter"
even though still GERIMIS, i ran to the shelter and say "im going home"

i saw an unusual scene back then

yup the uni where i studied were haveing a flood ~
how could it be?
just so you know the uni, that so called a world class university having more than 3 lakes
then how could it be, the water rises to the road xD
i just laughed and unfortunately didnt bring camera (its already dark too)

on the way back i dont know why
maybe it was trying to melt the atmosphere suddenly her father tune a dangdut radio
xD and if im not mistaken there were a song played "cinta sabun mandi"
i dont even know the singer but it works to make the situation feels more relax
it was awkward while drive home by your friend's car without him/her
just you and their parents

at 10.30pm finally i touched down home
im so so sleepy and drowzy
i dont even had any tima to prepare
yup next morning ill be having a test
i went direct

i wont imagine the result, rly


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