some pieces of life ~

to be (not) announce

hi folks :3

yeah i can update recently !

to be announced that actually this blog havent got any theme yet, im not looking to add one though
maybe throughout this blog you may see im a little messy little kid XD
keep calm i dont bite hahaha

for upcoming post the blog would galloping around the 3 fields : travelling, food, cooking
some random post maybe occur XD
im not a professional blogger, the blog itself is just a space where i can fill it with some words, some infos and also pictures ~
hope you like it and dont mind to give comments.
to share the story is even better !
the blog wont be focused on one thing, im sure
just to keep the blog simple and also personal hahaha

see you soon !


terbang tanpa sayap

diri ini merapuh
tanpa sakit tanpa kecewa
tanpa tangis tanpa duka

kau pergi
tanpa pesan tanpa tanya
tanpa tanda tanpa jejak
tanpa sayap tanpa angin

pesonamu hancur
tanpa debu tanpa serpih
tanpa desah tanpa pandang
tanpa jalan tanpa ingin

tanpa jejak terbang tanpa sayap

disclaimer : i dont create this poem and own it ~


the last semester

hello folks :3

i know its weird that you jumped from 6 to 8

this is my 8th semester and probably my last semester studying Dutch Studies at university of indonesia.
last semester i did not made any post :| less credit, but still bunch of tasks

well now im sitting on the last semester and currently doing the final project as a reqirement to finish the study XD
im quite mixed up because my academic advisor was sick (wish you get well so soon mevrouw :) )
since her absence then i got a little problem to decide which topic i shoul write for my final project

a little merchandise of the 7th semester, few of my friends already graduated  XD

for my final project i will try to share it here later on

out of sudden a lecturer said to me "what about you take this one for your topic?"
"this one" here mean is a former research that i wish to commence, if only the time was enough. at least it should be done by two people. i still have another thing in my mind, i would like, at least try to develop my own topic. anyway thank you sir :D its a plan B.

any other thing is im taking archeology class :3 it just seem interesting to me ~
i try to learn a new language wish me a good luck

just a simple thing on my last semester
i just want to enjoy it with much of having fun, some studies. work easy* play harder

ps : to get things to be easy, you should handle an arrange things so well ~ XD
see you soon around


inikah suci

hello folks :3 its me again
setelah lama tidak muncul akhirnya bisa update blog juga
sedikit post puisi 

disclaimer : puisi ini bukan ciptaan dan milik gw sama sekali ~ 

daun daun mengayuh langkah
berguguran hujani mataku
seakan memeluk batinku
menyentuh hati yang telah mencintaimu

dirimu seakan penuh tanya
inginkan cinta memadu kata
dirimu bagai bidadari
miliki cinta yang tak sebatas puisi

tanyakan pada hati
adakah cinta sesuci embun pagi di surga
bicaralah  pada daun gugur 
inikah cinta tuk selamanya