some pieces of life ~

the last semester

hello folks :3

i know its weird that you jumped from 6 to 8

this is my 8th semester and probably my last semester studying Dutch Studies at university of indonesia.
last semester i did not made any post :| less credit, but still bunch of tasks

well now im sitting on the last semester and currently doing the final project as a reqirement to finish the study XD
im quite mixed up because my academic advisor was sick (wish you get well so soon mevrouw :) )
since her absence then i got a little problem to decide which topic i shoul write for my final project

a little merchandise of the 7th semester, few of my friends already graduated  XD

for my final project i will try to share it here later on

out of sudden a lecturer said to me "what about you take this one for your topic?"
"this one" here mean is a former research that i wish to commence, if only the time was enough. at least it should be done by two people. i still have another thing in my mind, i would like, at least try to develop my own topic. anyway thank you sir :D its a plan B.

any other thing is im taking archeology class :3 it just seem interesting to me ~
i try to learn a new language wish me a good luck

just a simple thing on my last semester
i just want to enjoy it with much of having fun, some studies. work easy* play harder

ps : to get things to be easy, you should handle an arrange things so well ~ XD
see you soon around


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