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mother's day?

hi folks ~ :3 happy mother's day, here in Indonesia (i know its yesterday, already passed =.=)

by this i post i would like thanked  some of women in my life :

first one, mother, :3 thank you for bear with me since the very early nine motnhs of pregnancy, thank you for numerous of lifelessons that so hard described with words.

second, my grandmothers, yup you both. thanked you both for keeping me in in your care. for now i cant repay for the things you did but i always try to spend more time with you during the weekend even just to drive you around the city and a dinner.

last but not least, my sister, thank you, as you have been a great (i really mean it) role model. you taught me plenty of things through times.

i just cant write many things as i not so good with words x.x

3 komentar:

  1. hey, just wait.
    one day, you'll have kids and feel how is being an actual mother :p

    happy mother's day :D

  2. hay .. nice your blog.
    follow back ya my blog di

  3. hwahahaa... man. parah abis,
    sori gatau kalo lo cowok.
    lol, sumpah ngakak.

    btw, terimakasih happy mother's day nya.
    (walau sepertinya gue gapunya anak -_-)