some pieces of life ~

Im just pokemon go-ing

Hola folks !


this post is about the recenr hype and i guess im a little late to post this haha

TA - DA !

there we go with the pokemon go phenomenon ~
im personaly interacted with the pokemon stuff back in my elementary school day

of course i play the game at gameboy color
yup in a train travel between jakarta - surabaya i managed to almost complete the game ~

my starter is bulbasaur, yep back then taking squirtle or charmender is a mainstream stuff
by installing the game im recalling my memories of pokemon hahaha

according to some news in 2 days, the app will be officially released for asia server but who really knows

i remove any other game apps on my phone, only steam and clash royale (idled)

once i installed the pokemon go, my sis is also interested to try it
it takes me no time to try, go around my neighbourhood
hmm from kids to adult play it, my co-worker here play it too

now im level 7, but it was shocking there are some people already on level 20-ish or so

to the gym?
uh no, i prefer to catch all the pokemon and evolve them

im joining team mystic
its the blue one with the emblem of articuno

other than pokemon you can get egg
to hatch the eggs you need to walk for certain kilometers
what i found til today is 2-5KM so far

i had a plan to fix my bike, and do the hunt while roaming all around with my bike in the weekend
a fun way to get into shape ~

my advice is the same
though it so much FUN
pay equal attention to your suroundings at all time
try to do group hunting, its more fun and safe
dont drive and poke go (i did it sorry ._.')

stay safe, keep calm and gotta catch them all


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  1. I also had Bulbasaur as my starter because I think among three it is the best! I wanted Pika but I didn't know the cheat until I reach level 4. Sux =( and I am in yellow team btw! I also drive and poke go because whenever I stuck in traffic light I always get something strong wut?? (nobody ask tsk)

    Thanks for the advice! >:)