some pieces of life ~

up alive

Hi folks !


well im motivated to make a blog post
i just happened saw so many blogpost feeds and it means i dont blog so much lately haha

hey, im doing it on my working hour
no, im not sorry ~
its part of the job i guess 

im kind of utilizing blog as a space to practice my writing
pardon my bad writing, hope i can get better as time goes 

so how is life?

just a moment earlier i saw a vlog post from my friend and by then rise an urge to keep this blog alive, or at the very least lively
maybe a vlog project one day
oh i recall there was a podcast too
hmm sounds cool

its the same like the sub-title state, this blog is pieces of  my life (?) 
my life is recorded here, through pictures or just a simple line i write
its funny to re-read a post from my early years
there is no rigid form of the blog or the theme
every post, i consider it as an unique brick that build the house

huff, so much things missed to be write down since i got time consuming stuff 
work, work, work?
like i said earlier, rest well is half of the work

i lost my time
i lost my 15-ish hour of working out a week :(
i missed more than 100 chapters of manga series
i lost my siesta, you know you can google it
i miss to spend the time in the kitchen too

what else?
well i got a job, try to like the job
fine, im not the kid who whines over job related stress-stuffs
chillax ! XD
i challenge myself just how far i will go with the job ?
wish me luck :3

on the other hand i try to do something e-sport related
i started to run a startup
im doing this like a marathon
it (should be) more like partying for living
is it rhymes or ring a bell?
i decided to not stop with the game stuff, in a way or other way around

for something that coming, im aiming to pursue  higher education
i wish to learn new things, just because its fun to do so
wish me luck :3 (again)

enough for now
i expect more things to come XD
see ya


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