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old geezer meeting



its just a continuation of the previous story

officialy this kind of meeting had no names at all haha
i dont know how but this kind of name popped out in my mind
its more like an expression when i meet and talked for a long time with particular person

old, yes maybe i do hahaha but luckily there is somebody older
after the little reunion, since its rainin so hard outside (remember its lunar new year) we dicided to grab some food to eat
we stopped by a restaurant burgers. oh there is a free refills
last time there were six people, talking like bunch of sir or just like boys
the topic stretched from some serious conspiracy until easy peasy things haha
there was a topic about maritime industry, sports, sustainable energy, monster hunter on nintendo ds, trias politica even doing a quiz from the restaurant and a surf on instagrams

more or less (a serious) conversation like that mostly happens when you are so old, so old that a little kid point at you and  say "old geezer", in fact we are not ol anyway hahaha
maybe its just the topic that we talked (SEEMS) like topics of (any older) man
there goes 6 hours
then somebody need to go home and everybody is dismissed like a class ended

still as any other leaves one by one then i still trapped because of the heavy rain
he needs tebengan to get to the transjakarta shelter
its me then with the true old geezer hahaha
its my idea to call him old, yes he is old, older than me
he studied law and put much attention in it, its fun to have him as your lawyer
i can count him when it comes to some lawsuit and things and his job done well so far
he is now pursuing his master degree, he will just pull through just like any other my friends
he discussed his thesis proposal with me
(something unusual to do while trying to kill the time)
while the rain still refuse to quiet down we decided to go because we are so done with the thesis things
it took apparently a 2 hours of discussion with much of distraction and intermezo about marvel and DC things
at least we do something hahaha

the moment i pay to go out of the parking area shock me
i should pay 30k
its a record so far, as i ususally go around with public transportations and today its just a motorcycle
what a surprise
much wow

despite of that, well the time spent is worth it
see ya soon


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  2. I like listening to people older than me telling stories. It is like listening to how mind-older-than-mine thinks.

    It is interesting okay!?

    30K for motor?! OMG that is a ripoff!