some pieces of life ~

snap convo

hi folks ~


hope you all doing fine this year
its already 24th of january

i will start this post with a little laugh hahaha
though if i cant laugh maybe just a little smile on my face

its all started few days ago
i finished my things earlier than usual
i head home earlier, its unusual hahaha
approaching home i decided to make a stop by
maybe all of you recognize the warkop or coffe tavern or coffee shop
not only to sell coffees, in this case instant coffees in sachet but also some of them have the ground coffe (you can call it like a houseblend), the speciality of warkop is indomie (yeah ask google if you dont know it) some little question that bother is "why warkop could make indomie so delicious?" you wonder too, sometimes indomie tastes even better when somebody make it for you haha

i make the stop and get in to the warkop
before i even made an order then somebody greeted me
out of sudden he said "hey, where are you from?" "where are you working now?"
i answered with hesitation "who is this old man?" i think, make guess inside my head
since it was a complete stranger i do as a saying "dont talk to stranger"
of course i fake information, i dont really sayin the truth to him
he ask "who's your dad's name?" "what did he do for living now?"
its getting serious, he could be know my parents or family or extended family of mine but still i cant recognize him

i run through my head as if searching all possibilities or files or picture about this old man
once again i still giving lies, maybe he is just a random stranger, looks unharm actually (he looks so old), or just mentally ill old man, im not so affraid of this, so i keep talking
i go with the idea of, its jsut okay, he didnt know me or anything related to my family since he just believe anything i said
he said "you speak dutch so well dont you?" "you are not in the ministry of foreign affairs?"
snap !
i wonder how could he knows i speak fluent dutch, and had an idea of ministry of foreign affairs?
then he sings a song in dutch, just a melody and asked me what does that mean

then he said that, once he live in paris, france
maybe its true
then he shot me with another thing
he knows i was a student at University of Indonesia
snap !
my head runs wild at the same time i try to keep calm
how does he knows?
again he said "you know professor Anto?"
"yes" i said
"he was a top notch indonesian, back then in paris" he replied
who is this old man, keep running in my head
could be he was a lecturer too?

its my turn, i asked "you came from University of Indonesia too?"
he said no
"how can you know professor Anto?"
then he told me that he was an embassy employee, once, in paris
wow my brain snap
"you know Dian Sastro?" "her father is my coleague in england" "she belongs to the same faculty as you right?"
my brain got another snap
this old man maybe not an ordinary man or even (sorry sir), mentally ill

he finished his coffee, pays and leaves
i dont even ask his name
to be exact forgo to do that

im trying to answer question in my head
before that, its the warkop keeper who asked me first "you know him?"
of course im not
i guess that old man was a regular customer so i asked "is he always like that, even to strangers?"
the warkop keeper "he almost always do that"
that old man always greeted anyone, especially if you are came in with somebody-who-had-job appearance
"he seems like know you much" he said
i said "no, but im a bit curious and in doubt, what's his name?"
"i dont know, just called him pakde all this time" the warkop keeper replied

according to the info i got from the warkop keeper that he live in the same area with me
turns out, in one housing complex, different block
a click
i guess i have met him once, back in 2014
it was at the presidential election and i can recall to talk with an old man
he said things about paris and stuffs about ministry of foreign affairs

how can he still remember about me, i dont know
its enough for the snap convo and roller coaster in my head
i wish you a good health sir


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