some pieces of life ~

3 wheel ferrari

im back folks ~ :3
i captured the pics on my way heading home
it is a new opened car showroom
well i have seen the other in the middle of the city, but to see it opens another showroom makes me questioning 

" who needs expensive, prestigious sport cars, when you cant ride it  freely through the jakarta's traffic ?"  
it should be just waste of gas XD
on the other they were build for speed, not for jakarta's jailing highways ~

also by the photo i found an irony (maybe?)
the showroom opened right beside the one of famous mall in the southern jakarta
but still as we can see, there parked Bajaj (thats why i name it 3 wheeled ferrari) XD
who needs sport cars, we just need proper public transportation mode and less traffic jams XD
bajaj represents 'crazy driver' for its ability to get through traffic jams with 'rough' styles as we know ~


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