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ennichisai 2012

Hello Folks ~ :3 

so long i havent touch the blog 
as i said previously i dont go for any hiatus XD

not long ago i went to Ennichisai - Jakarta Little Tokyo 2012
and here is few photos i took ~
it was a good refreshment among my busy days :3

i came around 3pm and there were some preperations for the Taiko XD
(i love the sound of drums and also when do the drumming )

 and also there was yosakoi ( summer dance) i guess it can be categorized into pop culture
i appreciate both traditional and pop cultures
at the time, the dancer also perform the saman dance
cross culture event it is ~

he was the man who shout so loud for the dancer wholeheartedly ( it is a dance of joy right XD ) ~
i guess he is their trainer

Drums XD yay !


i also met two of my friends from high school out there
they were did a light cosplay ( randomly categorizing )
just for fun i took their pictures
even though they wear high school uniform, yeah we're just 2 years far from highschool seat XD
we're totally highschool-ers no more ~

 Kakigori - one of my favourite thing in summer :9

i suggested them to take some photos on rooftop 
XD oh i rly know this rooftop so well

 suddenly appear other group of people too ~
im just trying to show ' how some cosplay photos are made ' XD

played some arcades :3

held also Indonesia elimination stage for the International Cosplay GrandPrix

O_O i dont know how they in a short time able to gather so many fans OwO JKT48

here it comes the Bon Odori
i used to do the dance together with my friends in the past
for now we were still busy with study and many other things
maybe it is good thing to do for a reunion somewhere in the future ~

single photo before i went home ~
lets do this again maybe, in a real Japan XD

i ended the day by resting a while by 711 near my house, i bought gulp ( mixed the isotonic + rootbeer )
need some re-hydration XD

thats it for now see you soon :3

a little noted here, this year i feel sorry that i cant attend the Gelar Jepang UI  2012  >w<


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