some pieces of life ~

early of the year 2012

hi folks long time no see :3

im so sorry i cant update lately, the first one is for those exams and at the second place, i got terrible fever, makes me cant even step out the bed U_U

i will share the story a bit  ~

i dont really know what truly happening =.= i dont feel like drinking at the new year's eve, only water, not any alcoholic liquids and their gangs..

starting the 1st day of the year i felt my body not delicious   well, i cant taste foods properly ..
i know it feels like a syntomps for flu, then i just go on with it, its just a flu...

things are going well, at the same time im trying to prepare myself for the Nederland Literatuur Geschiedenis or we can call it Netherland's Literature History.

the materials for the exam is just simply somewhat few
just 200 years starting at the year of 1800 until somewhere year 2000

the real matters is started on the 12th century ~ (1100)

with the text of :

Hebban olla vogala nestas hagunnan hinase hic anda thu

in english we can translate it into  :

all the birds already have a nest, except me and you

it was the oldest text found from the Diets language :3
the language estimated as the transition language for the western germanic languages from the proto-germanic cluster
further will be developed by various dialect ~

back to the 19th century ~

at the time people are  already actively write many literature and so many cutting edge writers that represents their age..

it was so hard to memorize so many writers, some of their works, and the special characteristic..

along the early age of 1100 until 1600 there were not so many writers and works that cant be considered important, when the people already well educated, they are tends to write ....
they made it much more harder to memorize TwT

with the bad fever things are just going on the right track !
on the other hand, some of my note were washed away by the rain TwT honestly i dont write too much inside the class . .

back to the fever, i did run all nighters to learn the materials, cramming
with fever condition =.= i cant even concentrate

here goes the moment of truth~

when my parents arrived home, i decide to meet them on the gate...
i was going to take a medicine previously, but since im the only one at home so i decide to open the gate for them

after that im just going to close the gate, suddenly things looks like spinning around, then im having a blackout
i know my eyes are wide open, but i cant see at thing but black
i took few steps forward, i still can feel both my feet are moving until i fell at the side of the road

xD at the moment im still thinking, "is this what fainted feels like?"

i never got one before, but already helped many of my friends when things like this happened.
i still can see people running to me and shouting, i clearly hear all of them talking
according to many experiences, they (anyone who fainted) would say " i dont remember anything' or " where am i?"

it makes me wonder, "is it just me ?"
one of my friend told me, as you passed out in 'opened eye condition' it may hurt some of your nerves..
it was my first time passed out, and the third time having blackout..

for some reasons i think i feel the same as the soldier in action or first person shooting game while fainted xD just like feeling a real call of duty (at war, then injured bad til fainted) condition

one thing makes me mad at the time =.= "this fever wont get off before i fall like this"

right after i fell to the ground whole my body sweats hard (when you sweat your body temperature would go lower while having a fever) , and the temperature drasticaly goes down reaching the normal condition...

directly my parents brought me to be examined
got some meds then asked to do the bed rest..
the next day, i called my lecturer for permission..
i cant attend the exam on the 3rd of January and will go for 'make up final exam'

for now, im just got better thankfuly :3 and preparing for the last exam next monday
wish me luck
thats all for the moment xD 


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