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poem attack

Aku ingin mencintaimu dengan sederhana
dengan kata yang tak sempat diucapkan
kayu kepada api yang menjadikannya abu

Aku ingin mencintaimu dengan sederhana
dengan isyarat yang tak sempat disampaikan
awan kepada hujan yang menjadikannya tiada

-Sapardi Djoko Damono

Im back folks :3 with another stories
lately im preparing for a boekenles test, by the test we shall be tested after reading a novel or a short story~
it was just a medium level, around 200pages for next term there would be 300 or even 400pages thick of novel to be read and tested Dx

this time i would like to share over this poem
if im not mistaken this poem is a famous poem in indonesia, i suddenly remembered this poem while walking home few days ago, i recall to my introduction to literature at the moment of poem interpretation
its just pop out in my mind, then i think ill go blog it ~

in literature you are free to analyze things that written
sometimes some poems are easy to be understand but not for some others ~

here goes for english translation (hope it suits well) :

I want to love you in simple
with the words that can not be told
by the wood to the fire that turns it into ash

I want to love you in simple
with the signs that can not be delivered
by the cloud to the rain that makes it gone

then ill try to interpret ~

im seeing a connection between dualism and love

the first one is between the wood and the fire
they are both connected, as the wood burned the i turns into ash
the wood cant tell a word to the fire that burned it
also between the cloud and the rain
we know that rain comes from the cloud
but naturally after a rain then the cloud would be gone (doesnt mean it goes somewhere else, but its more like vanish)

in my opinion, over the love that told in the poem is a love that not demanding
both the wood and the cloud cant say anything to the thing that would make them gone
a love with not any of spoken words, just go as the dualism
connected each other because the cycle can not be dispelled
a love that blends, transform both of them into one

at the end i dont mean to be so melancholic, what i intent to show is, sometimes things just cant be described until people try to express it through languange or signs xD

im not so good with poems even i do get them in the class
what i love from literature is a freedom of interpretting the text

we can say " yup, i like your sweet ponnytail" to a friend
doesnt mean your friend's hair tastes like a real candy right?
 then after that you taste her hair xD

maybe its enough for now see you soon :3

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