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ricefield invasion

hi folks long time not post here :3
i just cant get an idea what to post -,- when it comes to holiday  i can do nothing but stay behind the computer all day ~

at the moment i would share photos
not long ago me and my family went to West Java, no not Bandung, just about half hour riding after Bandung
the place is called Bojongsoang xD i dont know why it called  like that
we were attending a family day out

one of my auntie lived there and running a rice fields

i think its a good chance to take a break from the city's hustle and bustle =,= man...
the road  was not really well, a thick asphalt but sometimes you will meet holes here and there
i saw around and actually there were so many rice plantation of some manufactures
Bojongsoang also known for the good rice production

the one that my auntie grow is the organic rice
there were also a fish pond so you can fish all yoou want
and i also check the barn where i could see the rice processed ~

there were also a home made yoghurt :9 tastes so good
i dont really mind called as Norak or Ndeso
im actually well literally comes from a village
any city in this world is the next stage of village ryt? XD
kids today dont know where really the rice comes from, they know inside the class yes, it comes from the ricefields

so i just enjoy the moments where i still can see ricefields
chasing the ducks not only seeing them on the plate ~
there were also my cousins, join me into the fields
and also my niece the small one in the photos

here goes some photos :3

i love all the moments there XD
next time maybe i will visit another ricefield, far away in the desa.


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  1. wah serunyaaa.. brasa free bgt main2 di sawah gt.. :D