some pieces of life ~

before the line of the 4th semester

Hi folks :3

im sorry cant post a thing to the blog because i was pretty busy, many things i should do even in the holiday
sometimes i already got an idea for a post but some so more times, i got distracted and forget all those things XD

exactly starting on monday, the 4th semester will come
for the time being im interested for some classes that opened for public
(class that opened not only for the students of one literature studies, anybody could take this class as long as there is a seat )

some classes are favorited by the students, for example the "Greek Mythology Class" the French Department opened the class for public each semester, you see, it would be interesting to learn.. and there are more interesting classes out there :3
on the first thought, i was scared of buried in the literature classes >w< somewhat this thing a tricky thing..
so i desired to seek another classes hehe ~

for me, im feeling just not in the 4th semester yet, there were some problems for my study plan, for my study plans it takes the vice dean's approval for my study plan this semester

in the first place, i truly amazed of my academic supervisor lecturer.
well, i dont know is it happened to all of her students, i asked for an extra credit quota this semester
according to the last academic achievement i cant take more than 20 credits for the next term, without any further discussion she approved my study plan, yup 22credits quota
i dont know how could she got faith in me, thank you so much mevrouw

on the second place, im still waiting and wondering what is the vice dean doing at the time =.= still not approve my study plan yet, it makes me feel im not officialy enter the term hehe XD

ill do my best to not fail you mevrouw :3 thank you
i wish i could fix several problems with this chance


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