some pieces of life ~

le roaming in the city

I took these photos when im on my way home after taking care of some jobs
i made a little roaming in the city
accidentaly i brought camera at the same time 
as usual i use no further editing, the pictures are just the result of how my surroundings 'move' :3
please enjoy ~

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shoes and the rails 

the box

happens some blur ~

getting a little better XD its the senayan night sky ~

there is Hotel Mulia, street light and the shadow. this one is stable XD

hawkers in front of the Parkir Timur Senayan


secret passanger

charging to its high speed :3

piercing through the night, in jakarta's satelite city

the proud cranes 

jakarta's red (mass rapid transit) bus : transjakarta

one of a prestigious shopping center : the (p)Laza Senayan XD

staircase to the glamour 

this is my last destination of the roaming around :3


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