some pieces of life ~

random thing in ramadhan

hi folks :3 hi blog

as you know im having my annual break from the university ~
this month, august especially the ramadhan week i got some random experience =w=

i begin with what happened to me early this morning
i admit that i sleep pretty much in my free time, i cant get a good night sleep during projects, asignments or some other jobs -w-
this morning i suddenly pushed away from my sleep and cant get back to sleep, i dont even know the reaon behind this thing.
sleep is a good entertainment for me, but not this time *sigh*

second, a few hours later i decided to take a stroll and withdraw some money
my house is located pretty far from a hospital, but this morning i just want to enjoy the less traffic jakarta street hehehe
it was an good hospital in my opininon located in Bintaro, just 20 of driving normally
there is also the ATM, it is my first time to visit the hospital, once again after the building renovated
i asked a patient, he told me that the ATM centre located near the Emergency Unit Room
after i withdraw some money, while i walked outside, through the parking lot, suddenly somebody called my name

there were sit my relatives in shiver while holding her cellphone
she said that she was just arrived, her bro in law got a heart attack and currently be treated in the unit
for a while i acompany her inside the emergency unit
by the moment i stepped in, she was called by her bro in law
he started to talking in 1 or 2 words at a time for a single inhale-exhale breathing
and he started the agony phase
he started to calle her wife, children and any other relatives
not so long his wife already passed away by a cancer, his daughter also in therapy of cancer overseas

i know a little bit, his life are not going to last a day
he started to vomit, and excreting all the rest inside of his digesting system, im sure of that
just a couple hours i left the hospital he died

and here comes the third one

two nights ago, by a gas station i was stopped by a random stranger
he asked me to bring a springbed home
at the time im with a motorcycle and it is impossible to do
he said that he got the bed from his boss as a THR and planning to go directly with mudik
he said that i can buy it for a half price -w-
well i dont have any idea of the event happening
i said that i dont have any money, and lived far away
once again he asked me to take the bed with
for the las time i said, i dont have any money cuz i spend a lot for a plane ticket
after that i saw his face so pissed and in other way, it could somekind of crime
i felt so uneasy around him while we talk

maybe my random life attract many random things -w- i dont know

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