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happy birthday me

hi folks 

few weeks ago i got my birthday
when it comes to birthday i think it much better to get home
my birthday was also the first day of erasmus summerclass this year

im just turned 20, i feel not young anymore already hahaha
i already had a niece named Abbey
having a niece feels like having a daughter maybe hehehe

by the class those two docent sing me a nederlands happy birthday song
at the same time, for once again they asked " it is no joking right ? "
it was just my brother when im arrived home
my sister still oveseas for her programme
the next morning she called through skype

nothing special this year i guess, made my own cake ~
 for my birthday i got several little gifts i will post the photo soon hehe :3


2 komentar:

  1. happy birthday you :3
    wish nothing but all the best~

  2. happy birthday garuru, best year ahead ;)