some pieces of life ~

ngabuburit time

we know that the fasting season has already over hehehe

when i could take a little break i decided to cycling around
what comes to my mind was just cycling around the neighborhood
but out of sudden i took it a little further away i guess hehehe

i spotted a strange tree XD

yay for sushiii x9

i ended up cycling around 20km away the round trip not included yet ( if we make a single straight line, checked it on google maps)
i got away from my house around 4pm and arrived on serpong like one and half hour later
since i got nothing to do in serpong, i also iseng-ly took pictures of some restaurants :9 i wanted to taste the meals again next time when i can a little bit off my works hehehe, for the KFC the design of the building just cool i guess

and i ended all the things bye drinking 2 glass of es kelapa XD it is good re-hydration (bukan iklan)


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