some pieces of life ~

the fall and the 5th semester

Hi ! Folks !

im back again
currently i also separated with my camera so i can not make any photos . .

in less than 24hours i will start the third year of my study at the uni

im checking my list that i made by the end of the second year..
unfortunately i dismiss 2 things in the end
also by the starting of this semester i failed to take a seat into another favourited class D:
it makes me lose a mood a bit
wish it could be fixed next year, this year also the first time for me, queueing by a academic counter just to check, is my name safe or not -w-

from here on, i convinced that this year would be tighter and more busy than usual
by this term i started to construct the foundation of my thesis (wish it go so well)
well maybe it sounds kind of too early but at this term i got the class for writing method,
it is better to give a try before i forget the methods instead XD

by this year i surprised also at the same time, i am located with my partner in crime, my previous chairmate on the first year
the lecturer noticed, i know that we considered as a mess in a class, the we got seperated

still this year im in a progress of some thankyou projects and a fine arts exhebition co-producing (i guess so)
and some another project will fill my schedule >w< wish me luck

summer is over and here comes the autumn yay :3

packed up, the first half of the third year shall begin ~

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