some pieces of life ~

vlaamse taaldag - paint

i took some photos of some masterpieces of europe at the day
especially the painters are Vlanderen (a part of northern belgium and a little part of southern netherland)

it was a special day for the department, XD cuz every classes are dispensed yay !

the were some exhebition, singing contest (of course in dutch) , poetry singing (melodilizing the poems) , and a short presentation by the TaalUnie ( union that cares about the Dutch language in the world )

here come some photos 

musikalisasi puisi ~

                                 two of my friend on a duet

enthusiastic spectators


some painters were got their inspiration through the story from the Bible

the last supper


niet aanraken alstublieft = do not touch please

the fall of icarus

Samson and Delilah

 I do forget some title of the paintings (sorry) -w-
wish you can enjoy the arts of the pantings from 15th-18th century as an artwork ~ :3
i cant give enough descriptions, hope so i got some info next time then i will try to fix it. . .


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