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hi folks im back again this time :3

last week i got through terible days of sickness and exams >w< wish for better result now and then

okay this place already reserved for my another guest lecturer

Read more ~

his name is Arie Gelderblom, he is a lecturer by Universiteit Utrecht
for a month at the early stage of my fourth semester he was trusted by the department to handle the Nederlandkunde teaching :3

he was a good lecturer i guess
he was able to teach the students all the materials in the class also intruducing himself at the same time
he got so many photos about his childhood and many stories while he was a kid

his the overview of the class is about the education of nederland kids
how the nederlanders taught their children now and back then about 400 years ago
also Dutch Proverbs (spreekwoorden )

im about to share one of lecture, i found its interesting hehehe XD

its the Dutch Mythology
world is consist of 4 elements

Earth (rock)
Wind (air)

the four elements build the world and also live inside the people on earth
also for the tribes surrounding nederland
the germans 
the fraans
the engels (english)
the noors  (skandinavian people, maybe vikings)

we start with the nederlanders
their element is water
of course because theyre live on a water land

the germans
their element is earth
they are living in rocky mountains and valleys
also it seems like they are 'rock headed'  a little brutal

the fraans and engels
their element is wind (air)
they are believed live in a land of winds (still not sure if france a windyland idk)
also it means they are luchtig (lucht = air) whichmeans easily change in short time in short plin-plan

and the last one is the fire element
this is the interesting part
from the descriptions above we can see that the environment had an influence over the people
here i write indonesia, land of the suns
(tribes that live along the equator also)
they believe the fire people live beyond the night 
( the distance between europe-indonesia is a year ship journey, about 8 hours diference according to GMT)
whichmeans if its night at europe, the sun shines over the other land
more over they believe that the blood flows inside the people are made of fire
it makes the people easily lost their temper

so far i didnt find any books or notes about this here in indonesia but maybe somehow ill find it there in nederland XD
hope we can meet again meneer, thank you ~


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