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ketiduran di kantin

hi folks :3 its me again

now im reporting my current situation : around next 8 hours from now, im having a grammar exam for the mid term ~

as a said previously, im not so friendly with grammar thingy i dont know why =..=
i think its better to make a post hehe :3

Read more ~

according to the title, in my opinion its a silly (up til now maybe the most) reason for me to skip a class XD
i did skip classes as i got into 'necessary' situations like, late in the morning, or to get rid of some urgent tasks or such

the reason why i skipped the class that day is an oversleep on a canteen table
yup, i was sleepless, i know, i slept only for 3-4 hours and should wake up early in the morning
the first class that day begin at 8.00 as usual and done at 10.15
the next class starting at 11.00, i went to the canteen take some food and drink
unfortunately 2 of my chairmate didnt go to the canteen, they decided to eat afterclass

i finished my meal in a rush XD yes im hungry
an usual menu : double rice, ayam penyet, bakwan, es teh
im so full after the meal
here comes the aftereffect : drowzyness, in short ngantuk @__@
i decide to close my eyes for a while, also at the same time trying to find a PW ( posisi wuenak) XD
i set an alarm on my cellphone to be ring 10mins before the class


i woke up without a doubt and directly reach my cell phone
the clock shows me 11.30
i said : "ah its 11.30, its too early"
i found my plate already removed also my glass of tea missing  from my table
leaving me, my bag, and my dictionary that i used as an emergency pillow
i was trying to get back to sleep
i thought it just 10 mins past until i realized that i already missed the class 30mins ago -__- sure, while sleepy you cant concetrate enough, even just to read a clock
" why dont my alarm ring " its still be a mystery also for me . . .

okay, its not all about skipping the class
not so long after that came a text : " got time, come join me at FE, theyre got wayang "
as i dont know what to do and its wayang, i decided to go there
the event was a fusion culture festival
well, as a cultural studies student i wonder " why do economics student held thing like this ? "
as i stepped the auditorium, i welcomed by a dance
by the event, the commite holding a traditinal dance competition among highschoolers

unfortunately i didnt bring my camera, also the lamps in auditorium switched off
i met several new dances
i found them interesting, the first one is a dayak-nese dance and the second one is originated from east java i guess, it represents man who working at their ricefields
its a new thing for me to see dayak-nese dace demonstrated live ~

im not a good dancer but unfortunately i found little fatal mistake from 1 of the participants
it was saman dance, yeah saman, originated from aceh and it was unique.. but for us its not a so new thing right ?
i saw the dancers brought tambourines ( rebana ) but at one phase they were not play it =..= evenmore it turns like a tool to hit the stage floor.. not a single dancer hit or make sound from it 
" so,  the essence of the tambourines are tools to hit the floor huh ? " what they did were like 'lipsync-ing' the tambourines sound
as we know saman dancers are led by a male 'sinden' that controls the rhythm also singing the poems

on the other hand, for the group of boys that i mentioned before, i saw the fusion, they succeed to fuse traditional dance with one coreography of a korea girlband XD 
when they did that, the auditorium makes their noise !

last but not least, i was very entertained by the performance a group musicians from

 Taman Suropati Chamber

through the musical instruments they did to perform numerous ethnical melody of many ethnic groups of indonesia
i saw the fusion here, they succed to unite the melodies of indonesia, they were re-arranged it and performed well, i cant blame people at the same time while their claps their hand one after another song, in a concert  we 'd better not clap our hands until the performers are done
when they played " Indonesia Pusaka " it makes me said " i should feel, how it feels, when i hear this song played at the embassy of indonesia somewhere, far away form my homeland " so soundly to myself

well moral of the story, skipped the class that day were not so bad :3 it also lucky i guess to be able watch the performances rather than i sit in the class but my mind also wondering around and sleepy  . .


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