some pieces of life ~

junior research assistant OwO

things run out of the sudden  !

it was a usual days of class, books, dictionary, quizes

me and my friend acid (sounds cool as it pronounced in english XD ) were on the same class of basic javanese
the lecturer was late as usual
well among the students she also famous, always late around 15mins
for some reasons for me its an advantage anyway XD so i can spend a little a while eating or just doing the homework just before the class at the canteen

class dismissed but then she called me
previously i know she could speak dutch well
in other times we were talking in dutch
on the other chance also she told her journey while in germany

she called me and take out a piece of paper
i thought i was in trouble but the next word was " can you help me with this? "
it was one of her research data, and she  was going to write something over it
i dont even know i she going to write dor a journal or just need some help
she showed me a document, dated year 18something i cant recall, it was 1817 if im not mistaken
the document writen in dutch, next 2mins i tried to examines the document

she asked whats on my mind, the i clearly said " its an old ducument of weddings in west sumatra, it is reported by the oost indische compagnie representation to the head office in batavia "
she replied " good then, can i ask you to translate it, i will be waiting, send me the translation via e-mail "
 i said " i will try to do my best "

actually the document were writen in the 'old' dutch, some words are not used anymore or changed into 'more simple words'
im just a second year student, it was a coincidence or an accident that i fell into dutch XD
im not so good in dutch but, by now i was asked to translate an old document TwT die mee...

the document were just 15 pages, but, as i said, the language was older than the one i learned
the translation done in 5 days, i also aksed help to 2 of my classmates
the document told about a story of an intercultural marriage
between the Melayu (padangnese) and Chinese
to patterns of culture met, patrilineal, matrilineal
a story over, set up marriage, last will, circumstances, conflict, and resolving from each culture

she was happy when i hand in the task, and maybe going to ask me another time for help
i admit at the same time, " sorry, im just a 2nd year and did not got enough knowledge of the 'old' dutch, im trying my best to help your research mam "
and she replied "it was all okay kid"

unconsciously, i became her junior research assistant
once again, is it okay as i a kind of too much play kid =..= is it fit me or not


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