some pieces of life ~


Hi folks :3 its me again

for now i came up with another story also hehehe

based on the title above " prihatin " i will share some little part of my experiences

well, up until now i always wondering, why do people ( especially they, who live in a big city) having a 'better' tendency of ignorant
lets just jump on to the case
i have several experiences that makes me think, why do they can do it like there was nothing happened ~

not long ago i saw a motorcycle accidents

as an eyewitness, i do concern for the victim
it was mid day
the street was busy
so many cars, motorcycles and bus go fast through the jamm without warning
suddenly, the thing happenend right in front of my motorcycle
at the time i was stopped by the red on the trafficlight
and also at the same time he (victim) tried to turn right from the front


he fell so hard and hit the pedastrian path , he was only can breathe slowly
i jumped off from my motorcycle
bringing his motorcycle to the side of the way
there were 2 other people joining me to help him

what the others do?
they were just staring like fishes in hunger =.=
not so long one of them shouted then ignites a ' klakson war '
i know its a busy time for traffic, but cant you see someone hurt here ?

another story happened near depok
in usual evening, i waited for a bus to take me home
i stood in front of a restaurant, people reminded for the sign, a catfish upon a plate XD
while my eyes wander for a sign from my bus
suddenly a man, fell off from his motorcycle
fortunately he wore a helmet, at least his head wont hurt
the first thing came on my mind : "okay, he might be sleepy, on second, he might be on a heart attack OwO"

the next event is just like i described above, no one running towards him and trying to save
we brought him to the side of the street
people starting to circle around, once again what they can do , are just staring in strange
i tried to check his pulse (im not a med student at all) at least im just checking, he was still alive or not
i feel sorry for him, not so long, then come the bus, so i decided to leave the ' accident scene '

well things are confusing right?
 indonesians were proud of their ' gotongroyong-ness ' but unfortunately
these days the good stereotype starting to fade =..=


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