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apology token

hi folks im back . .

im about to write stupid event of the day, why i called it was stupid? just go ahead and read

anything starts couple of weeks ago, starting on the 3rd term i got a guest lecturer, a native one from belgium
her name is Lieve (if its wrong just tell me, then ill fix it)
things are goin well during the class and also all along the week
sometimes i do in purpose a bit late come to the class just in case i put my tummy fisrt than study xD

ill be quick since there is no time ..

even though she was responsible for giving an additional class, nothing i felt boring
well for a reason, as she come from belgium she shared many things about the country~
there were many things i learned and know from her
despite of grammar lessons i took other things from the class xD
im listing places that im about to see if i once landed in belgium. . im just know so little thing from the country..
well it wasnt my first time having a native lecturer, earlier in "summerclass" i got 2 of them ~ xD

like next week is our last class then she must go back to where she belongs (it sounds a bit creepy?)
everyone in my class agreed to wear white clothes, for today, a special day that we agreed to make picture of us before a farewel..

the class last not so long just 60 mins
like 10mins before the end, i felt so drowzy that i decided to go outside, get some fresh air and removes my sleepy thoughts

tada once i get back to the class everyone had already done taking pictures and i say "what dont you guys missed someone?" "cant we take another picture?" but no answer (i dont rly know)
i do felt awkward once i saw her as i back again in the class, seems like ive done something bad.

in short im not complaining, maybe in near future, if im able to get there ill take a chance to meet her.

i write this one as a token of my apology if what ive done makes her upset ..

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