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sleepy story

Hi folks !


this time i will write something about sleeping
first thing first

i am a sleepyhead

haha, i dont really know whether it was caused of bad routines of begadang all along the academic years in universities
through the year i succeeded fall asleep in various situation
so far because of drowziness i did have motorcycles accidents experience ._.

quite many people saying that sleeping is an unproductive activity

when im working on a projects or some times im trying to finish asignments i usually make fun and kidding by saying "sleeping is for the weak"
we already heard that lack of sleep, even can cause death
remember the tweet :

"30 hours of working and still going strong"

it was her last tweet, before she did passed away

chillax, i dont want to do that anyway
but for there was time when i do non stop activity
this syntomps can be found on procrastinator
:| in some parts its no fun at all for me

for me a good rest is almost a half part of a good work
i highly encourage you guys to have a proper rest and sleep time
i recommend on 7-9 hours of sleeping, at night
there is no such, nyicil tidur
when you do begadang then your body will either skip some process or do it at the same time

you know, human body runs on an automatic program
work during the day and rest at night
bed time is the time for regeneration and detoxification

in case you have a bad sleep deprivation
a microsleep can occur
its automatic, its a sign that your brain force your body to rest
how hard you try to open your eyes, your body function is just like re-boot-ing in a small period of time
it attacks you out of sudden
its not pleasant

when you get enough time of sleep, i guarantee you will feel healthier
sufficient time of rest is also can maintain your bodyweight haha !

if you work in shifts, take time to do nap 5-15mins, 2-4 AM is the peak of drowziness make sure you dont do things alone or had someone to talk to

good luck ~

take your time to rest just like suggested below


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