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hola !

hope you are all in the good mood of holiday


i will tell you about my recent last 6 months activity
this thing popped on my mind when i got nothing to do, so i decided to make a english class

im not experienced at all at teaching or being a tutor
rather than a tutor or even a teacher, i still prefer discussion, debate is not counted, sorry.

thus, im not interested at all
back in my study days, some friends suggest me to try private tutor jobs for highschoolers
im sure, i can lose my temper haha
some times i can makes my teachers back then kinda mad
so, i still refuse the jobs

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and the story begins
with no so alright preperation i go on haha
made some learning sylabus, that turns out, i need to revise it in short time
i started to tell few people around, from mouth to mouth
there were no so many students, lucky there are still kids that coming
the students come and go as week goes, hmm tumbang
no more than 5 kids (they are sitting in junior high)

i set the class as a conversation class
on the first day i introduced myself and what kind of events that may happen during the class hahaha
the class itself only last for an hour, im affraid to blow the kids' head
im having assumption that kids this day wont be see english as a burden in their study
an almost no barrier between bahasa and english in everyday life will help the kid, i guess
that is my reason to held the conversation class
a class that i allow you to tweet, scream, sing, dance, yell, whisper, chat, joking, speech or anything, as long as its in english
previously in my school days, my english grades were better than my bahasa ._.

then i noticed something is not right
i found they're not so fluent yet with english, yet
it feels strange that you have all eyes looking at you, trying to understand what you said
when you already said pretty much things then, they were just geleng-geleng :\
its hard to interact with them, and i dont like it

my objective is to help them only to polish their english
then it may be changed into teaching them english haha
i dont expect things like this to happen, but its okay
i catch the emotion that i need to go lower, even lower
after 4-5 times i return them to early basics, i start with a-b-c and spellings
you cant make sentence when you dont know good amount of words

glad that they get better
its also once i encounter something that lurks too long in our general education system

the first one, to ask question when you dont understands
why should other kids mock cynically when someone ask question ?
later on in your studies you can differ which question is serious or just simply try to piss off

the second, some kind of affraid-ness to make mistakes that trapped the mind
i believe there are steps of learning, you can just go at your own pace
you can learn from mistakes and in case of language learning it is just totaly fine if you do mistakes

I completely mad at that kind of things, at heart, that i realized it is easy to turn you kids into smart bunch, but takes much more to build your mind and character
I convince them countless of times that there no stupid question in my class, no one may call each other stupid or so something else related to that
it is a matter of :

mau - tidak mau
males - rajin

though im not taking lecturer or teacher as a job, but i concerned about this thing.
you too ?
you cant grow when you are constantly "trimmed" even in your schoolground

the class just ended this early december and hope it will be continued next year
i keep in mind some important things from them, that is their dreams. I encoureage them to have and chase down their dream. Im going to ask and check them maybe next 10 or 15 years to come hahaha

im waiting for, a model, a math teacher, a musician, a doctor, an athlete.
see you soon kids

sincerely your teacher ~


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