some pieces of life ~


hello folks ! :3

its chapter four, again with police business
why do i need to have business with police, polantas, again haha

this one will be short but i guess im ready to write the next episode of this police thing hmm

yes, for some random reason it took same place like the previous post

it was early morning and i as usual went to campus
this time im taking bus

at the spot i saw razia (it is a strategic place, maybe)

i dont make any fault, im sure

seeing people bering stopped
especially motorcycle riders
then i, just driven out of nothing i took my cell phone out
i took picture, as fast as i could

then suddenly there were shoutings, i remember i dont hear it cleary
and it was, bunch of policemen shouting at me and pointing their finger
as if i am a criminal or so

there came 1 officer, a rese officer
he tried provoke me and tried to take my cellphone
well people around me just silence like nothing is happening, i dont know
i refused as he asks for my cellphone
then came another one
he claims as his commander, ah pak komandan.
well this one was more polote than the first one
he asks for my press card
i said that i dont have any
in order to finish this scene i showed my cellphone
he wants to delete the picture himself
a little bit bad luck, my phone fails to save the picture
he said "lain kali kalo mau foto urus surat-surat dulu"

i saw my bus coming
i shortly replied "kenapa takut difoto?"
and both of them leave me after they convinced that i dont have any photo
and i took my bus with a wonder

they did, through TMC Polda Metro narsis photos, post it day by day
and i witness myself im seeing couple of police did that on some other operations or just by lampu merah
in my opinion from a social perspective, maybe, they're trying to "berdandan", tried to be in good looking, or just pencitraan.
in contrast, why should they so affraid of citizen journalism?
so affraid when an ordinary citizen taking their photo
do they really able to melindungi, mengayomi and even more melayani masyarakat just like that motto 

difoto saja takut.

i keep that in mind


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