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handling emergency

hi folks :3

it is my story in a relation with UGD, Unit Gawat Darurat

reader's discretion is advised

not so long ago i having some emergency situation

 once again

reader's discretion is advised

it was a usual evening, i just get back home and decided to go outsied a while with my lilbro
before long then somebody called me for a help
it was simple
a woman asks me "can you drive a car?"

me myself do able to drive, but i dont do it on regular basis
i asked the situation because im not so sure
when i looked around then i saw someone i knew, she was sitting unconscious

i decided to drive, took the keys and start the car

it was an emergency because no one of this few people can drive the car
luckily we got Puskemas not so far away

by the Puskesmas i got a little problem, at the same time the ambulance need to go out while i should go in, i felt a little bad, i know the ambulance is not available.

here at Puskesmas, i got an unpleasant experience entah perawat atau dokter yang jaga kok lama sekali. its 18.30

first i asked wheelchair
wheelchair comes out

then i tell, its emergency
a guy told me to register first, asked the BPJS

waited for a doctor or nurse
its too long, every second counts

came the doctor and examining
the female doctor treating her in my opinion, rough, is it really ethic to shout to an unconscious patient

tried to explain in brief the situation
came the nurse, with better handling and re-examine

its decided it was a stroke attack, i saw the left side of the body didnt response well

nice, come reinforcement, someone who better at driving
we should be reffered to a bigger hospital
got a letter, and i read time stamp, treatment and condition, i believe it will be useful somehow
my next job, carrying the patient

without ambulance its a hurdle to go through the traffic, without that "wiiiiu wiiiiiu", in a busy hour of the commuters going home, people, here at jakarta wont kindly minggir to the another side, and let us pass

i tried to reach my friend who studied medic, anyone, to ask how to handle stroke attack
nice, got some responds it helps me

on the way, the patient vomited, it was a horror situation, im trying to get a grip of someone's life and i know its something that is totally out of my control

we arrived on Government's Hospital

i rushed in, no receptionist, nice
a security helped me and brought a bed

once again, i explain the situation, im the only less panic and still have cool head
better, a lot more nurse and a doctor
but, when i told its a stroke attack, the doctor asked "you have the CT scan?"
its an emergency and you asked for that... how come should i brought one...

the doctor, told me again " sorry our ICU is full "
and also " our CT scanner is not functioning at the moment "

what, how come, not functioning? its a bigger hospital

its hard, but they decided to treat the patient, checked and reporting the situation
they put EKG and i carefully analyze the heart rate and blood pressure, carve it so hard into my mind
the pressure was high but we managed to stabilize the heart rate from falling or getting higher
we're safe for a moment
no choice, once again we must be transferred.
i carefuly read the paper, the log.

there written "ICU full, CT scanner not functioning"

something is not right
it wasnt coherent, in my opinion.

i paid attention on what the doctor say

it is not matched, i rather sensitive to words, side effect of literature studies

but for me, its just simply because we dont have the CT scan photo so that, maybe, in my opinion they were affraid to take any further actions, well its someone's life

we decided to go to another hospital, a private hospital nearby
still, im back to the job carrying the patient

and the patient vomited once again and shaking

as advised, i tried to protect the patient's tongue by inserting my thumb to the mouth, the space between the teeth, bited, its worth of a tongue and a life, i dont care.

more or less, we get better reception by the hospital
a little mistake happened, but okay, they gave me the bed on a wrong position
head to foot, upside down
i gave the log, once again, and i know i can explain it better, including the log and treatments

the nurse asked me do i have any family relation? no. im just happened to help, because its emergency.
the patient's relatives just newly moved to bogor, and also hard to be reach

one of the patient's relative told " why dont you give the medication ?"

what, what medication, you dont even know the patient's sickness history or  else
sorry, you dont came immediately.

still unconscious, then the patient prepared for CT scan treatment
after the scan i still pay a close attention to the blood pressure thnorugh EKG
slowly it is decreasing, getting close to normal, good

the result is out
doctor came
he explained, it was a burst  of a vessel, in the brain, on the right side
it answered that the left side of the body not resonding well
the radius of the leaking is about 3-4mm
the patient should be under intense observation to be watched whether the blood will spread more or stopped.

an hour later, there goes the relatives, and i handed over anything that should they take care of.
its your business now
get myslef clean in the restroom and get home, as soon as i can.

please get well soon.

after note :
sorry for being emotional but i think i need to write this
anyone of you who will takin medic school and be a nurse or doctor, please be kind to your patients.
handle them nicely.

i questioned the quality of service of the governmental public health service

i found

first, orang indonesia takut ke dokter, dokternya mungkin galak, takut juga kalo sakit

second, responnya lambat, tidak helpful, padahal dibayar negara, yes you are civil servant, dont you? it was a human's life at stake, come on !

third, miris, kalo miskin, jangan sakit, ngerepotin, ga nguntungin, tapi ini masih berlaku

i cant take medic school now, even though i want it back in the past xD
what i can do now is telling any of my paramedic, doctors, nurses friends to fix this kind of behaviour and situation
i believe a good public will be soon available if all the people who 'permitted' want to change and deliver better health service, equally, without any discriminations

sorry for the long post .__.
thank you for reading


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