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since i was not made an undergraduate thesis so i will just post kata pengantar, here, on my blog


not printed does not mean i dont be thankful

it was an experience of doing research that dates back into over 100 years ago and  the language that is not your mother tongue
i struggled to make the topic passed and it is  passed, after i proposed some other topics and turned down
im doing research on building from dutch colonial time
dutch architectural arts is one of compulsry class, but i saw no one ever write buildings in indonesia from colonial time, in a cultural perspective
i know it is rather difficult and never be posted as an undergraduate thesis in my faculty unless you are an archeology student and they focused more on the technical thins, more or less as a condition to finish my study, other than undergraduate thesis you have to make an academic journal

there is a chance

i was suggested by my advisor to enhance few of my papers and convert it into academic journals but, personally i want  and persistent to make the architecture topic as my final task
i promised myself to make me a magnum opus,  or at least i know it for myself
i saw it is important to write this topic as i see the urgencies of culural sites and building conservation widely in Indonesia, as close as Jakarta, tak kenal maka tak sayang, right?

during the research i found it a little hard to find references since almost all things was written in dutch and even not available in internet, and i know, it is also an indicator that our cultural resources are in danger too
if the people dont even know stories behind some things, monument or such
there was quite many writings about it, but can not be refered for an academic purposes
it is possible i guess in the future that those kind of things will be forgotten, demolished, sold or even robbed

and finally my task completed

at least i know i coined a more friendly summary of one cultural site in Indonesia, written in Bahasa Indonesia
i see language too as a bridge, i hope many other indonesians have the friendly get to know readings for Willemskerk or Immanuel Church Jakarta :3

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