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hi folks :3

im back again with the next part of the story

tadaa ~

and it is the promised date and time that being written in my ticket
i wake up early in the morning and im feeling too lazy to get this thing done
the asigned place is the pengadilan jakarta selatan
like ever usual routine in the morning there is traffic all the way
as usual too, maybe the sun shines stronger in friday xD i dont know
since i dont feel like to wait and being stuck in the jam then i decide to get off the angkot
getting near to the pengadilan

around it there were also people who offering help to make things done in instant
i ask few people around the pengadilan, it is minimum 150k IDR O_O what a pricey

this is my first time  being in pengadilan or having business with the police
there was a mini court, i consider it mini because  i assume it would be much more bigger room to host an important cases.
i asked a man "pak ambil nomer di mana ?"
he showed me the way, then i saw a loket, here i should exchange the ticket in order to be processed
inside the court room i hear judge calling numbers, but here in the loket they did the same.
it turns out that i dont need to sit in theticketing court O_O i dunno why actually, because the number that being called by the judge is different than the number i had receive from the loket

i got number 250, and that time i need to wait for 30 person before me
there goes my number being called and i paid for 80k IDR
honestly i dont know and/or maybe not yet how could be the number of the fine i should pay is 80k
i dont even know if its truly being disposed to the national treasury XD
also there could be a possibilities of sharing among the people of pengadilan and the police

i heard from other people, that sometimes they got a ticket just because of silly thing, it was truly could be seen as a made up


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