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go architecture

hi folks :3

finaly i made it again to made a post

reporting in the current situation
by now the last semester wont be last more than 3 week i suppose

on the note lies 3 final projects
the first one is almost done and just need a little revision real soon 
the second one is being on a break, few weeks ago the lecturer left to kalimantan and i cant see a sign of returning though this one is the crucial one hahaha XD
the last one is going under preperation, i decided to make a prototype of note book (it is just a simple note book) maybe i will share it when its done

so in the mean time i preparing myself to read some architectural books
my final projects is focused on architectural crafts especially buildings
it may gone a little stray of the literature and linguistic patterns but i believe it is relevant to the main theme of cultural studies and humanities 

it is an important things to be writen also, as we consider many people dont put a good care and concern on old buildings hehehe
i guess its a good thing when people to not just know, but also can learn and conserve old buildings

wish me luck ~


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  1. kak mau tanya dong, pelajaran itung-itungan di arsitektur itu kaya gimana sih? saya punya cita-cita kalo nggak jadi arsitek jadi interior designer. tapi karena nggak begitu jago fisika jadi takut juga untuk pilih arsitek. terimakasih.