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Hi folks :3
its me again
this time
i recall on Counter Strike

dear police, !#@$!%$^!

but im sure that i dislike the police, (keep calm its not a phobia,just dislike, especially here in Indonesia)
since when? i guess starting by the junior high, and especially polantas

yeah for some many years, i got in touch again with the police eventually.

first one,
they object their picture being taken

not long ago i went to college as usual, making few transits to get the bus to the University
and there was a 'razia' (it is some sort of checking XD )
i tried to take a picture of a policeman handling a motorcycle rider.

(unfortunately the picture was not taken)

then suddenly one of them yelled at me (he yelled so good like chasing a thief ) , at the same time i get my cell phone back to my pocket

the next minute came 2 policemen, he said "mas ngapain ngambil-ngambil gambar?" "ada surat-suratnya gak?" so nice with loud voice and pointing to my face -w- push me deeper into pedestrian

so flat i answered "ga ada"

then "gabisa gitu mas sembarangan, punya kartu pers?"

"gapunya pak, saya cuma mahasiswa"
so fast 1 policeman that felt his picture taken left me, without saying anything

"saya komandannya mas, ini semua ada surat-suratnya" though you showed nothing at all as a proof sir XD
"sini saya liat hapenya?!" in order to make it quick i showed him
then he checked my picture folder, looking for the picture

yeah his name is Dariyono, polantas, Jakarta Selatan
his 'anak buah' called him 'pak haji'
the scene is located at the turn that lead to T.B Simatupang. Near FedEx Building
i guess its not a 'fair' place for the riders or drivers
it makes the traffic jammed too
they make sure that all riders was stopped and being checked . . .

first point that i took, our policemen is affraid or maybe clearly dont have any idea of citizen journalism
arguing would take much time and make me late to go to the first class of the day
clearly i know my right is abused when the komandan force me to show my cellphone then trried to delete the photo

it is a prologue of coming story, just drop by this blog next time ~


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