some pieces of life ~


hello folks ! :3

its me again
and im back with the next chapter  part of the story

On a regular day
it is just a regular day for me to go to college
in early morning my sister requested me to drop her to the office

i leave home by 8 in the morning
successfully made my sister to her office without fails
nothing happened strange or else

i got also a packet to be delivered and i should make a little detour
successfully drop the packet without fails
nothing happened strange or else

just next few kilometers
i stopped by the police
remember the so called police i mentioned in the previous post?
luckily or else, its me being stopped at the place
still with provocating tone and style -w- they took the STNK away

i dont have any license, yeah

yeah i know, lately so many razia, and from the bottom of my heart i clearly dislike it.

he asked for my license, i said it was with my wallet
it was a true case where one of my teammate took my bag away with all my belogings inside, including my wallet

voila, i got a ticket
(honestly, i prefer speed ticket, rather than this XD )

when i passed the road early in the morning there was nothing, it was make me sure that no razia will occureed
just in an instant, when i should once again take the same road, there they are.

why should i have a business with the police? :|


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