some pieces of life ~

reminder of the windmill

hello folks :3

i hope you all in good shape and condition

i will tell you a short story this time hahaha

well since 4 years ago i get a new band on my head, yeah, a dutch studies student ~
some people around me who speaks dutch feel so happy
some of the told me that it makes them feel so nostalgic, a fine nostalgia luckily

in indonesia i found that is a generation gap.
no young people that speak dutch :|
until today we know that not so many people who were having contact with the dutch culture or language decades ago
most of them could be a little ningrat or maybe their family was regarded as an important part of the local society so that they able to get into school that were taught in dutch

for this senior citizen (it will be rough if i call them old people)
most of them questioned me why did i took the major, dutch studies
i easily replied that i was just randomly tossed into it hehehe

and also, some, a few of them asked me so kindly this line, though maybe it happens over and over again :

"wanneer ga je naar holland?"

honestly i dont know why this line bother me this few days hahaha
maybe i will finally have tha chance to go there in next short time XD
they called it holland, well dont mistake netherland and holland
it refers to the same land, netherland. Holland is a province located in Netherland, but people of the old time most of time called it holland

i will took it as a reminder and also a pray
i wish i can finaly step the land of windmills and dam

tot straks ! :3


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