some pieces of life ~


hehe at last im back to post on this blog ^^

hmm for now i felt trapped (is it real trap or what ?)

yesterday i just got my national examination notification....
thx God that im passed the test but the scores cant surprise me a lot...
there were standard scores hahaha ^^
one thing that i can be proud of is the process..
im sure that the result is the payback of my study, even though my time for the preperation before the exam was tight with many activities . that time i was working hard for the exam TwT and the another thing is, i finished every single question alone.. even there were plenty of my friends cheating around *sigh

i was so bored on this holiday because ive got nothing to do for now..

my routines are : wake up in the morning, do chores, watch TV, eat, sleep and breathing also hahaha

maybe i will try to do some activities to fill my day off ^^

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